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In this comprehensive article, you will elevate the understanding of deep web right from start to finish. First, we will begin with what Deep Web is followed by what makes the deep web, difference between deep and dark web and what is the size of the deep web and what is the best way of accessing the deep web.

And, finally, you will learn interesting details about how to access the deep web anonymously using Tor Browser.

Most people think that they can find almost every piece of information using the Google, the search engine giant.

But the burning questions is, does Google can find everything on the web?

If your answer is Yes, you are wrong. Because, today on the internet there is enormous chunks of data which is beyond the reach simply by using the Yahoo, Google or any other search engine.
The websites or data which are not indexed by the Google or another search engine is known as the “Deep Web”.
Feeling confused?
Let me make this simple,
The internet is primarily contained – deep web and surface web.

What is Surface Web?

Surface web is that part of the WWW or World Wide Web, which is straightforwardly accessible by standard search engines like, Google, Bing or Yahoo, etc. For instance, when you search any information on Google or Bing it fetches the information or data from the Surface Web only.
Some of the Surface Web examples are:
•    Wikipedia, Quora, Wikihow, etc.
•    Video streaming sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
•    Media sites like Viralnova, Mashable, Windows Central.
And, several others.
Google, Bing, and Yahoo like search engines display only 1% of the data available on the internet. So, now you must be wondering, “where is the rest of the 99% of the data of the web?” Now, it is known as the hidden web.
On the contrary, the Deep web is the collection of non-indexed websites or sites which are indexed by search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing for some of the reasons. Some of the top reasons search engines do not index these sites are:
Restricted access journals
– Copyrighted materials (software, movies, etc.)
– Password protected individual sites
– Subpages
And several others.
You will find some of the websites are not directly accessible while others are quickly granted the access. In the following deep web wiki article, we will show you how to go to the hidden web in the easiest way possible.

An Introduction to Deep Web

The deep web is also known by the name of the hidden net, deep net, hidden web and invisible web. It only refers to the collection of sites or data which are not accessible through standard search engines. In other words, the deep web is the non-indexed information of the World Wide Web.
Let’s understand it with the help of an example:
First, answer me the following questions:
– Do you use cloud storage devices like Google Drive and Dropbox?
– Did you access your Outlook or Gmail today?
– Have you checked your LinkedIn and Facebook messages?
If your answer to the questions mentioned above of Yes, you accessed the deep web today. Now, imagine a scenario where anyone can access your Gmail, Facebook or cloud storage. This would be good, right? It is the reason that it is cloaked from the surface web
In today world of web, there are more than 295 million registered domain names which contain thousands and more of subpages which are not cataloged. Hence they fall into the category of a hidden net.
So, now you may have following questions popping up in your mind:
•    Why is the deep web not indexed by the standard search engines?
•    Why search engines like Bing or Google now showing the results from the deep web? Or
•    Why is the hidden net not directly accessible?
The reason standard search engines unable to index the dark web pages is whenever they try to index such pages the robots.txt blocks the bots to crawl the web page. Hence, the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing unable to index the content from these web pages.
I know the terms like crawlers, bots, and robots.txt terms might confuse you much. Do not worry, for better understanding watch the video below:
What is on the deep web?
Let’s take a look at some of the interesting things below which you will find on hidden net following the solution to deep web access:
1. Password protected sites
Password protected sites are those who require specific username and password to access them. Some of the best examples of such sites are:
– E-learning sites like Pluralsight.com, Lynda.com
– Email like, Gmail, Yahoo
– Bank websites like debit card, net banking
– Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
– Subscription based sites like iTunes, Netflix
And several others.
These websites one can access only once she or he has its login credentials. If you do not have their passwords, then you cannot access them. Therefore, they come under the hidden web.
2. Copyrighted Materials
If you know precisely how to gain access to the invisible web, you can quickly login to copyrighted materials easily and for free. Files like Movies, Tutorials, Games, and Software, or any other paid thing can be readily available for free download from the dark web.
NOTE – Downloading the copyrighted material from the dark web is an illegal act. We are just providing the information just for the sake of knowledge.
3. Limited Network access
With standard search engines or browsers, you cannot access the sites which are under restricted access networks. These sites can only be accessed by using the following software including,
– Freenet.
– Tor Browser
– I2p
Contrasting the content of the deep web, the search engine bots do not crawl the data under restricted access network. As these sites use non-standard Top-level domains on the deep web.
•    Nonstandard top level domains examples: Bit, .onion etc.
•    Standard top level domains examples: .edu, .net, .com, .org, etc.
4. Money exchanging & Bitcoin services
Bitcoin is the web-based currency which is designed keeping privacy in mind. So, if you want to purchase anything from the dark web, you must have the Bitcoin. In the hidden net, there are money exchange services that can easily exchange your money to Bitcoin.
5. Private Sites
These sites are only viewable by the developer or the creator of the site. If anyone wants to visits such sites the person must know the URL of that website. People like celebrities, whistleblowers, and government officials used to have their private blog.
6. Cloud Storage
Do you use the net banking, Gmail or Yahoo? All such sites come under the category of the dark web because they are password protected. Some of the favorite sites under the hidden net are:
– Lynda.com
– Netflix
– Pluralsight
– iTunes
– Spotify
All the above-listed sites are only accessible when you have their login credentials. It is one of the reasons that search engines show only individual pages of these sites when you search.
How large is the deep web?
Till date, no one exactly knows how big the deep web is as it is impossible to measure its size because of its great size.
While some early information suggests that 99% of web information is dark web, and only 1% is the surface web. In other words, deep web is 1000 times larger than surface web.
What is the difference between deep web and dark web?
Some people assume that both deep web and dark web are same.
But, they are not.
Dark web is just a small part of the deep web. Unlike the deep web, one cannot access the dark web directly using the standard search engines or browser.
One requires special software like tor deep web browser to access the dark websites. Using such browser one can browse the dark web without revealing his or her identity.
Now, you might be thinking, “Is Tow Browser is the only way to access the deep web”?
The answer is, NO!
Similar to Tor there is some other software as well including, Freenet, I2p, which can be used to access the hidden net. However, Tor Browser is the best regarding speed and security.
Now, the question is – Who uses the Deep Web?
The deep web is mostly employed by the Military, Hackers, Police, and Whistleblowers. It is also utilized by the groups who want to stay hidden online from law enforcement agencies and governments.
– Police
– Terrorists/Criminals
– Celebrities
– Whistleblowers
– Military
If you intend to protect or hide your web communication from internet service providers and government, then Tor Browser is the excellent choice. Now, let’s take a look how to get into the deep web.

How to access the Deep Web?

Technically, it is not complicated to access the deep web. To log into the deep web, you must have a particular encryption software called Tor Browser, which is an excellent deep web browser. When you install it in your system, it will appear and act as standard Firefox browser.
Remember, from your standard browser you can access the particular part of the deep web but it is secure to use as it will reveal your IP address and location to your internet service provider. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the Tor browser to access the hidden net.
How safe is it to access the deep web?
These days, anything you are doing on the internet is traceable, visible and possibly being monitored. Yes, everything you are doing on the internet is visible, and it can be easily traced by the government officials and your internet service provider.
Now, you must be thinking, “Can government officials and Internet providers trace the websites I visit on the deep web”?
An answer is NO because they cannot because you are accessing them on Tor Browser.
Every search query that you type in Tor Browser returns the result through a series of an encrypted computer all over the world makes it untraceable. The return results bounce randomly before it reaches your IP address or browser.
It makes the people searching and the searched data unknowable. So, you might be in London or Dubai, or Delhi, your search traffic seems to come from multiple different points that make it tough to trace.
The final say
We hope that you have substantial knowledge of Surface web, invisible web and dark web.
Thus, what is next?
In the next post, we will help you understand how to access the deep web on your personal computer, iPhone device or Android device without leaking your true identity.
So, stay tuned with us.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Below you will find some useful FAQs on the Invisible web that will help you understand more about the deep web.
1. Is there any search engine obtainable to access the deep web?
Yes, there are deep web search engines from where you can access the deep web. These include Blekko.com and DuckDuckGo.com and others.
2. Is it legal if I access the hidden web?
Yes, there is nothing wrong legally to access the hidden web information, which is primarily a non-indexed information. However, you must remember that what sort of information you are accessing as several illegal activities happen on the deep web.
3. Is there any other application other than Tor through which I can access the deep web?
Yes, there are Freenet and I2p. But I do not recommend them as regarding security they are not reliable accessing the deep web with tor.
4. Is deep web dangerous to use?
No. However, it depends on what purpose you are using it or which kind of information you are searching for it.
5. Is deep web useful in any manner?
In my opinion, Yes the deep web is useful. I say this because the information available on the deep web is much more detailed as compared the information available on the Surface web.
Hope, now you understand better about the deep web. Looking forward to some queries and you can leave your concern in a comment box below.

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