Why Your Start-up Should be Using Cloud Computing

Using Cloud Computing

Millions of companies all over the world have moved their operations onto the cloud, i.e., they use internet services like software, storage, servers, and communication tools to streamline their business. Cloud computing is usually delivered by providers on a pay-as-you-use basis just as you pay for water or electricity. This, and the fact that it offers a high level of flexibility, makes it a great option for start-ups as well as larger and more established businesses. So why exactly is cloud computing so popular in the modern business world? Here are some of the biggest reasons why start-up businesses should be using cloud computing.

It’s designed to be user-friendly

Cloud technology is designed to be as easy to use as possible. There is a lot of competition now in terms of app development and one of the main factors which they are compared on is how intuitive they are to use. You can establish your cloud computing system on a small scale and then increase it as your business expands.

It improves team collaboration

Cloud computing enables you and your team to collaborate and communicate in real-time. From file sharing and data storage to instant messaging, cloud communication services have transformed millions of businesses by enabling teams to work together wherever they are in the world. For many years Skype for Business has been a popular tool supporting team communication and collaboration, but in 2021 it is being retired by Microsoft and replaced by Microsoft Teams.

It doesn’t require a big investment

The average start-up does not have a lot of capital to be spending on technology infrastructure and every penny counts when it comes to making investments. This means that start-ups often have to make difficult decisions about where to invest their money. With cloud computing, the costs are relatively small, and you may be able to find platforms that satisfy all your needs without needing to compromise.

It’s easy to scale

There may be aspects of your business that are quite small in the beginning. For example, your website may only need a small server at first, when it is not attracting many visitors. However, as time goes on and more people visit the site, the server may find it difficult to cope. If it crashes, your website will be down, you can damage your reputation, lose money, and customers will lose faith in your business. While a traditional system would require a lot of work to fix the issue, a cloud system can be scaled up and down on a pay-as-you-go basis. Using a secure access service edge (SASE), for example, enables your business to scale up while maintaining your efficiency and security. If you’re wondering what is Secure Access Service Edge, McAfee has created a handy guide.

It’s flexible to suit a range of needs

There are different types of cloud computing to suit most businesses, including Software as a Service(SaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS). Once you have decided on the service you need, you then need to choose a reputable provider and which services you would like them to provide. Remember that flexibility is key for start-ups, so try to find a solution that can meet your requirements now, and in the future, should you need to scale up.

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