Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Hide Yourself!

utopia P2P system

Tell me honestly, do you have something to hide? You don’t have to answer. Of course, you have something to hide. Just like everyone else. You may not know it, but you and your browsing history are a real goldmine of data, and there are a bunch of people out there who would like to get their hands on it. The state wants to know what you’re doing. Marketers want to know how to get you to spend money, and bad dudes just want to take it away from you.

To protect yourself and your stay in the world wide web you need to use a proven service that provides 100% guarantee not only complete anonymity but also the safety of all transmitted and received data. To do this, use the Utopia P2P ecosystem, which will adequately withstand any attacks from the outside and will not allow third-parties to interfere with your privacy.

Why do you need to choose Utopia P2P Ecosystem?

Firstly, the technical component of the ecosystem is built under the latest principles of multi-level encryption, which uses a high-speed Elliptic Curve 25519 and 256-bit AES that are responsible for protecting and preserving the data of each user.

Secondly, a decentralized peer-to-peer architecture is used, assuming the absence of a single server for storing user data. Now, each client is a peer: he stores his information on his server, access to which opens a personal key.

utopia P2P system

Thirdly, all actions are performed anonymously, as customers do not enter their data during registration. User’s nickname – a unique key that is generated during registration.

Fourthly, the versatility. In the arsenal of Utopia there are tools that allow you to perform full work on the Internet. Also, they can be used simultaneously if the user enters the interface-hybrid mode.

  • uMessenger. An anonymous messenger that sends and receives encrypted text and voice messages to users. It is possible to create secret chats, group conferences, channels that can be marked on uMap, for quick search. Each encrypted message can be colored by adding cool stickers and pictures.
  • uMail. E-mail allows you to send and receive encrypted confidential files and documents. They can be absolutely any size or format. It is possible to create templates of messengers for quick answers.
  • Idyll Browser. Local closed browser, built on the principle of a closed system. The user can browse anonymously the websites in the system without leaving its limits, as everything necessary is already created in it, thanks to the unique technology of uNS. In addition, each user can create their sites, which will be available to users thanks to tunnel data technology.
  • uWallet. An electronic wallet that stores the ecosystem’s cryptocurrency – Cryptons. Using them, you can make any financial transactions completely anonymously without entering the data of Bank cards.
  • Mining Bot. A unique bot that earns cryptons for a user’s Internet session via Utopia. For every 15 minute session, a certain number of points are awarded, which can then be used.


Utopia P2P Ecosystem is the perfect solution for you if you use such operating systems as Windows, IOS, Linux. Soon there will be a mobile version of the ecosystem, which will allow you to use the service anywhere in the world. Don’t waste time and put your life in danger! Use the technology of the future now and be protected!

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