How Video Presentations Can Help You Support Your Marketing Efforts


Based on statistics, 65% of businesses started using video content to implement and increase marketing efforts effectively. Most companies nowadays believe in the essentiality of video marketing as an integral part of enhancing ROI. While most digital entrepreneurs are into this new trend, some are still in doubt. So how can video inclusion guarantee an effective marketing strategy? 

How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?

Businesses understand the benefits of adding video content to every marketing effort. Its efficacy increases the success of your promotional efforts. Video marketing is the most profitable and versatile tool for digital marketing, and you should not procrastinate, including it.

Suppose you are still in doubt whether to include video content or not. In that case, you can check testimonials from various clients and entrepreneurs on how this trend continues to dominate the digital industry. You can also see some examples on the Animation Explainers site on how it’s correctly done. Here’s how adding a video presentation can help increase the success of your next marketing effort. 

Video Content Are Appealing To Mobile Users

Mobile and video are a great combination. 90% of your potential customer uses their mobile phone and watches video content from smartphones. Mobile view for video content has a spectacular growth of 235%, and YouTube has reported that mobile video view increases 100% yearly. If you’ll invest in video content, there is a higher possibility that your marketing efforts will be successful.

Search Engines Love Video Content

Search engines like Google love video inclusion on your content. This allows your site visitor to stay longer and create engagements. With longer time that site visitors remain means you build trust with your target audience. It’s also a great indication that you provide great content. 

As site visitors explore and stay on your website, this gives you a better ranking and be on top of the competition and related searches. Google owns YouTube and with optimizing video content like writing catchy titles or descriptions, backlinking to your site, services, or product enhances the user experience.

It Helps Establish Trust

We’ve mentioned before that to have a useful site; users must stay longer to build your credibility and trust. This is vital when generating sales and increasing the conversion rate. The fundamental concept of effective content marketing is by building long-term relationships and improving confidence. 

With video marketing, you provide useful and interesting information. Video content is powerful as it’s a complete marketing plan. It helps promote the brand, ignite emotions, connect, and engage viewers.

Great ROI

Video inclusion on your content increases ROI up to 80%. While video explanation and production are not easy and cheap, the investment pays you off big time. Aside from digital tools to produce engaging content, there are plenty of services and professionals who can help you out quickly. 

It Boosts Sales And Conversions

An effective video presentation can help you generate more sales than traditional digital marketing tools. Video content on your landing pages helps increase your site conversion rate. Regardless of what niche you have, with a video that explains your products or services, everything comes in handy for you and your potential customers.

It Explains Everything Easily

95% of potential customers watch an explainer video to understand the product better. Most digital businesses use video content on their marketing strategy included on their site’s home page. According to statistics, 85% of this business testifies that it’s useful. 

Animation video explainers can effectively and efficiently provide explanations even to the most challenging concept. The new trend now is animation as they are an excellent combination of simplicity, nostalgia, and entertainment.

Video Content Creates Engagements

Video content is the best learning tool and is conveniently easy to understand. As innovation continues to simplify our lives, video content offers flexibility and versatility suitable for a wider audience. With video content included on your site, it improves your overall site engagement. 

Why Is Video So Effective In Marketing?

One of the primary reasons why video content is a useful digital tool is its convenience. Consumers prefer having video content that explains everything they need to know about the product or services they offer before visiting a site or purchasing the product/service.

Video content offers entertaining, engaging, and easy-to-digest information that is beneficial for both marketers and consumers. This, in return, gives a better ROI from your channels. Video is highly accessible for anyone that can access the internet, both for producing and watching.

  • Video helps educate your consumer of the product or service that you offer.
  • It quickly tells your story to your target audience.
  • It boosts engagements for mobile audiences.
  • Video inclusion on content enhances your Google ranking.
  • It improves your click-through rate for email marketing.
  • It helps you reach a variety of audiences.

What Are The Benefits Of Video Presentations To Effectively Market Your Business?

To ensure you have the most effective marketing strategy, you’ll need to include video content. It’s not just a popular trend for nothing. There are plenty of benefits you can take advantage of when it comes to video marketing. If you want to increase the drive to your site, add a video to your content. This will gradually improve and affect growth revenue. 

Most businesses nowadays focus on various elements to thrive a compelling offer, be on top of the competition, provide excellent service, and more. To create and build your brand, you must first create engaging content—tell a STORY

Aside from the visual medium and rich content, video marketing offers tons of benefits. Here are the services of video presentation included in your marketing plan: 

  • Digital marketers who use video content expect revenue growth every year compared to those who don’t have video as part of their marketing tool. 
  • Video explainers can effectively influence the buying decision of every potential customer. 
  • Video content provides everything your consumer needs. 
  • It helps you rank higher on search engines and be on top of the competition. 
  • You can get more healthy backlinks.
  • It enhances website traffic by 40%. 
  • With video included on your email marketing plan, you’ll have 28& increase click-through rate and strengthen sales and conversion rate on your website.
  • Compared to infographics, video content generates more social shares and helps small businesses grow faster. 


To make sure your marketing efforts pave off, you must reconsider adding video content. Suppose your business creates or includes video content that is intended for the audience’s entertainment. In that case, your consumer will most likely share it with their community or circle of friends, which improves engagements, sales, conversion and builds your credibility effectively. 

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