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video production tips

Creating and editing video is not a cumbersome process anymore. But, what matters is the Video Content. Video Content is the basic and important part of your video. Getting a huge number of viewers on your video depends on the video content and is a challenging task. In most cases, if the video is way too long, then you can expect that viewers will consistently drop off.  Any of your videos is judged by its contents, presentation, production quality, style, and the valuable information it provides. All these factors are essential to maintaining the audience’s attention.Here are some video production tips that will help you out to improve the production quality of your video marketing content to boost it up.

14 Video Production Tips for Your Next Marketing Video


Video Pre-Production Tips

To get the final video look professional, you should plan your and organise it properly. Because of this, you will be able to completely focus on the directing the actors. If your shoot is unplanned or unorganized, then, your final video or product will be unprofessional and bit sloppy. Time is precious; so try not to waste your time figuring out the angle that suits best.

To ensure that you waste less time in the post-production, get the best quality footage you can manage. Use a  DSLR for good video, and a good microphone for your youtube video audio. Both of these will give you brilliant quality RAW footage and audio to later edit.

What, exactly, you want a day before you are about to shoot listed below:

Stay Original

The concept on which your video is based must be innovative and original. Never go for the easy routes and never copy anyone’s idea. You must, rather, conduct keyword and personal research to find out what is popular and successful in your industry and which type of video content is famous. You must double-check everything to ensure that no other brand has covered the same topic already.

Here is a list of 101 youtube videos. These can a go a long way in understanding a few video production tips for your forthcoming videos.

Plan it out

Before you start shooting your video, do a proper planning of what to shoot, how to shoot and when to shoot. You must write all the script, draw the storyboard, and you must create a shot list before shooting the video. Plan the B-roll shots so that you must have extra footage while editing.
Be selective while using video subjects.

Casting actors for your video project are the key factor, because the way an actor memorizes and delivers dialogue and the attitude of an actor in front of the camera, indicates the quality of your video. In case it is possible, you can even plan some time for a few rehearsals to work out on any mispronunciations or giggles.

Carefully consider the set

As stated earlier, try to stay original. Never try “set dressing” to fool your audience. Your audience is smart beyond your expectations. Your viewers pay close attention to every minute detail of your video. Rather than shooting your video projects in the office, shoot them in locations that have beautiful, textured and interesting backdrops, but not too busy.

Video Production Tips

Editing can completely garnish your videos and can add up the final touch to your footage. But, keep in mind, editing consumes a lot of time. You can save this time by shooting your videos nearly perfect. When you shoot a scene, and it is not as perfect as you need, instead of leaving it for the editing part, try to figure what went wrong and then re-shoot that sequence again.

Let’s have a look how can this be done:

Be cognizant of sound quality

Never be an amateur while recording videos that have poor sound quality. Always shoot videos with good sound quality. You can achieve this by using a lapel or lavaliere microphones (both of them are hands-free) while shooting sit-down interviews. For bigger shots, microphones and boom setups can be used. To improve sound quality quickly and easily, when you are shooting with smartphones, you can use microphones that can fit into the phone’s headphone input.

Set up lights

Setting up lights is very important because if this is not done, then your video can be under or over-exposed. So, lights must be set effectively to eliminate any undesired shadow. To illuminate your video from a variety of angles, a three-point lighting setup can be used.

Use a Tripod

Your video must be stable. Video wobbles when you hold the camera on your own. So, to shoot a stable video, you can use a tripod- a standing or tabletop- for tighter shots to give your videos a professional look.


To get clear shots, the camera must be in focus. After assuring this, you must lock the exposure so that the camera stays in focus. The shots must white-balanced so that the lighting remains neutral and even.
Obey the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds includes the splitting of the shot into thirds, vertically and horizontally, and framing the subject off-center. A straight-on, centered shot cannot add up life to your shot, but this can.

Video Editing Tips

Your content must excellent and must be centered on your targeted audience. So, after successfully shooting your video, edit it to remove all errors, and get your video gets on the point. Keep in mind; the video must not be too long to hold or capture the viewer’s attention. The beginning of the video must be attractive, informative, engaging and relevant to the viewers and they must completely understand the agenda of your video. Make use of a good video editing software for the purpose.

Align the flow of the video with the emotional response you want to evoke in viewers.

Yet another among the best video production tips would be to have an emotional connection with your viewers. Take care to depict the the story that you want to convey to your viewers in your video according to the tone, structure, and pacing of your video. Build the emotional impact, according to your storyboard and script,  on the audience by arranging shots in such a way that builds tension and drama.

Leverage b-roll

You can use the B-roll footage to mask the cuts between the shots. You can film these b-rolls on your own, or you can even find them on various sites. Ensure that your video is consistent, and thus take care to keep all the settings of your video at the same level throughout the shoot.

Use Background soundtracks

You can make use of background music to mask any ambient sound or to provide any tone or emotion to your video that sometimes words or pictures can’t provide. You can check the Royalty-free stock soundtracks available at various sites, and you can use them to enhance your videos. Never use licensed soundtracks because that can get the video sharing site to take down your video.

You can download royalty free tracks from incompetech.

Optimize video text

The text or titles used in the videos must be styled simple, classy and sharp. Try to use minimum words to write a text, use bold and clear fonts. To engage the audience, try to add new effects and animated texts to your videos.

Optimize your video for the platform

It is important to keep in mind while editing your video, think of the platform that you have been planning to upload the video on. Which platform is it, Facebook or YouTube?

Each of these platforms has their specifications. For instance, 85% of viewers on Facebook, watch videos without turning up the volume, therefore, here you require adding subtitles to your videos. On the other hand, if you are uploading the video to YouTube, then the first 30 seconds of the video must be appealing and eye-catchy to attract the audience. It is so because a view is counted on YouTube when it has been watched for 30 seconds.

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We assume that the video production tips featured here should go a long way in letting you make them more popular.

Final Words

Creating video is not a cumbersome task anymore. All you need to remember is the points we have mentioned here have an awful quality of your video. Follow the Video Production tips featured here and you can achieve the best results.

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