WhatsApp Gets Android Oreo Notification Channels Support

android oreo notification channels

WhatsApp is bringing the Android Oreo Notification channels to its users. Interesting, right? No, we would term it innovative and exciting at its best. WhatsApp has been one of the apps that have always strived to provide the latest and the best. Once again it has proved it by adding notification channels on Android Oreo so that you can make use of it on your latest Android Oreo gadgets. Okay, WhatsApp is bringing these notification channels to its Android users, but how will this news benefit you and how to work with it? Let us check out it in the following paragraphs.

Android Oreo Notification Channel – What It is?

Well, the latest Android update has brought an innovative feature to its ecosystem. You can specify which notifications are presented in which way. Each of the notifications that you receive on your Android device is not equal. The new Notification Channel support will let you customize the different types of notifications based on their type.

android oreo notification channels

Android Oreo lets you customize the notifications from each of the app and for each type of notification from the same app. You can choose how each kind of this notification appears, vibrates or sounds on your device. So far, you could only mute notifications from a particular app altogether. You would get notifications from an app or never received any.

As an example, your banking app may send you notification about transaction alerts, offers, information and a host of other aspects. You may not want the messages that let you know off the special offers but would want to keep the transaction related messages. Android Oreo Notification channels help you achieve this rather than muting all notifications from your banking app.

Android Oreo Notification Channels Support on WhatsApp

Well, this is exactly what we are interested from the perspective of this discussion. WhatsApp has recently added support for these 10 notification channels for its Android Oreo users. Before we go into the details, please note that these channels are available for the select few as of now. The company has launched the service through the beta channel.

Interestingly, this information was not announced or made public for reasons best known to WhatsApp. Maybe they want to test the feature to rule out any issues being reported. That would explain why the feature has been rolled only through the beta channel.

As we could test it on our Android Oreo device, WhatsApp is bringing the following 10 notification channel services for its Android Oreo users – group notifications, message notifications, chat history backup, critical app alerts, failure notifications, media playback, uncategorized, other notifications, sending media, and silent notifications.

Android Oreo Notification channels
You will be able to manage, control and customize each of these notification channels with ease. If you want to give importance to the regular chat messages and offer a low level of priority for group messages.

It is good to see whatsApp coming up with new features from time to time.

How To Configure Notification Channels on WhatsApp?

If any of the chats or messages on your WhatsApp annoy you, and you may not be aware which messages are exactly creating this sort of annoyance, the Android Oreo notification channels will help you address the issue.

Just tap and hold the notification you just received. This will let you know the exact status and type of the notification. You can easily disable it or allot a low priority to it. If you want to disable the notification, you can do it instantly. You can allot priority by tapping on All Categories and then on the setting screen as in above image, you may choose what you want to configure. A case in point can be the WhatsApp Web. Even when you keep it on your Laptop or PC, you may get the messages on your smartphone. With Android Oreo Notification Channels supported on your WhatsApp installation, it should be easy not to get the notification on your device when you get it on your PC.

That’s a treat indeed, right? The notification channel support lets you work with what to do with each type of WhatsApp notification. However, being a beta release, the feature may not work in many cases. We would expect that the service will roll down the features to the stable version quite soon. We would also expect that the company rolls out the service for all platforms.

When Will WhatsApp roll Out The Feature For Regular Android users?

Well, the feature may not be available much soon. The fact that a lot of devices are yet to receive an update to Android Oreo, coupled with the testing that the Notification Channel feature is going through on WhatsApp, we would advise the users to be patient and wait for a while.

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On a side note, it would also be interesting to note that WhatsApp is also testing the banking partners. It is likely to introduce the built-in payment feature quite soon. The fact that WhatsApp has already launched the WhatsApp for Business can be a reason enough to expect the launch of the payments feature.

The Final Thoughts

Well, Android Oreo is indeed a major update in more ways than one. A few apps have been exploring the ways to make use of the newly launched features to enhance their functionality. Just like WhatsApp, Twitter is also introducing the Android Oreo Notification Channels.

What would you think about this new feature introduced on Android Oreo? Has your WhatsApp app has received the update that has notification channel support? If you are on a beta channel of WhatsApp on your device, we would expect that you may have had access to the feature already. If you have used the feature, do let us know how it felt. Share your views and opinions with us.

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