Why Does Password Security Matter?

Password Security

You sit down to log into your computer and enter your password— ‘Smith67’. It’s your last name and year of birth, so it’s easy to remember!

However, by using such a basic password, you’re putting your online safety at risk.

Password security is more important than ever. Hackers all around the world are eager to break into your computer and steal your information.

The key to online security is using complex, secure passwords. To learn more, keep reading to find out what password security is so essential—plus, how to create a secure password.

Hackers Work Tirelessly to Get Passwords

Sadly, 63% of businesses report that their data was compromised within the last twelve months due to a security breach. Whether your company is large or small, hackers are out there, working nonstop to figure out your passwords to steal your information, credit card numbers, and personal data.

No one is safe, as hackers target both individuals and companies. However, the more secure your passwords are, the harder it will be for hackers to crack them.

If you have to ask yourself, ‘how secure is my password?’, then you might be at risk.

Here are some of the most common techniques hackers use to get into your computer and files.

Brute Forcing

This is a technique where hackers use computer software to try different password variations nonstop until they find one that works. While it seems like this would take forever, if your password is short and simple, it’s going to be figured out much faster than you might think.

Brute forcing often starts out with random words from the dictionary. So, make your password a combination of words, numbers, and symbols.

The longer your password is, the harder it will be to guess as well.

Password Spraying

With password spraying, hackers get their hands on a list of email addresses then try them out using some of the most common passwords, like ‘12345’ or ‘password123’.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how important password security is. They use simple passwords that are easy to remember—putting them at risk.


Another common hacker technique is phishing. This is a way of tricking individuals to give away their password.

An official-looking email might be sent, pretending to be from a legitimate company, asking the user to enter their password. However, it’s a trick, and the password is actually going straight to the hacker.

If you receive an email from a company asking for your password, it’s probably a phishing attempt. Call the company that supposedly sent it and ask them if it’s legitimate.

It’s important to let any elderly relatives or those new to computer use know about phishing. It can be easy to fall for this scheme if you’re not experienced with computers.

A Secure Password Keeps Your Data Safe

Another great reason to have a secure password is that it keeps all of your personal information safe. Your credit card, bank statements, and even family photos on your computer—all of this data is important to criminals, as they can use it to steal your identity and even open up credit cards in your name, without your knowledge.

While password security is important, it can also mean that it’s hard to remember your own password! If you or your colleagues are struggling with keeping track of passwords, don’t risk writing them down—instead, use a service like MSP password management that does this for you.

Protects the Integrity of Your Company

How often have you heard in the news about major companies being a victim of hacking and cyber theft? It seems like a new story comes out daily about a large company being attacked.

However, when customers hear this, it makes them think that the company didn’t take cybersecurity seriously, which is off-putting.

Negative media attention from a cyberattack can cause you to lose customers, so don’t take the risk. Protect your company’s reputation by taking security seriously and preventing hacking attempts.

Secure Passwords Provide Peace of Mind

With so much valuable information stored on your laptop, it’s easy to feel anxious or worried about keeping it safe. After all, hackers can steal your money and your identity, which can take months to sort out with your bank and credit agencies.

One top reason to make your passwords more secure is for peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about identity theft if you know that your passwords are secure.

If you tend to worry often about your technology, it’s also a good idea to change your passwords frequently, as this provides an added measure of protection.

Always Take Password Security Seriously

As you can see, password security is something that everyone needs to think about, whether you’re an international corporation or simply an individual trying to stay safe.

When updating your passwords, think outside the box—don’t use things that are easy to guess, such as the name of your pet, the street you grew up on, or your middle name. Instead, make passwords a complex series of letters and numbers that are nonsensical, as this is much harder for someone to figure out.

You might want to also use a secure password generator, as this can create random, difficult passwords for you. Keep yourself safe and spend a few minutes updating all of your passwords—it could save your business!

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