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Why is specialization important for a freelance web developer?

Freelancing is wide and varied, and there are various professionals offering as many skills as you can think of – whether they are web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, virtual assistants, and so on. As long as there is some need of skill, there will always be a freelancer offering that skill.

Among the many fields available is web development, which brings the concepts of web design to life. It is quite similar to web design, only that it takes more of a ‘behind the scenes’ approach of building software, through using languages like JavaScript to create an interface. For instance, a freelance web developer will develop an application or a site whereas a Dormzi’s freelance web designer will focus on enhancing its appearance.

It is not easy to succeed as a freelance web developer though, and you need to spend time making it work. One of the classic strategies to this is by specializing in certain areas of web development, rather than handling everything and becoming a master of none. This will take your preferences into account as well since there are certain aspects of the job you will enjoy more than others.

What are the specializations in web development?

Back end development

This involves designing the core structure of the user website. This requires you to have knowledge of programming as well as using software languages that are more complex, such as C#, SQL, or Java. The result is unseen by the user though, because it will involve you coding on the databases and web servers, not the browser itself.

In other words, the task of a back-end developer is creating a website that is both functional and logical through fixing and testing bugs, as well as using various programming languages.

Front-end developer

This development specialization focuses on client-side and has a greater connection to web design. This is because it uses JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to create an interface the user can see and use, such as a lead form.

Unlike back-end development, front-end development requires the use of a browser when coding, because you are building and testing a framework from a user’s perspective.

Full-stack development

This is essentially the full package when considering web development specializations because you are working across different stacks (layers) to create the optimum user experience – including the back and front ends.

Advantages of specializing as a freelance web developer

You get more money

At the end of the day, the truth is simple – a client will pay more money when they know they are hiring a specialist, as opposed to a generalist. That means that whatever field of web development you select as your niche, the clients will see you as knowledgeable and will be more willing to pay you more for your expertise in that service.

You have more time

Just because we say that you are not earning much as a generalist, does not mean the market is not there for such services. However, your ultimate goal as a freelance web developer is to earn as much as you can without spending too much time and hours getting there. After all, you have a limit on the number of hours you are working every week, and you do not want to waste them – especially in a field as technically demanding as web development.

The more time you can free yourself for, the more projects you can pursue as well – even those that earn you some additional income. For instance, you can write a book, create a blog that you can use to establish yourself as an authority, make YouTube videos where you can teach audiences about aspects of web development, and so on.

Greater exposure

Aside from having more time on your hands, greater levels of exposure is another advantage you have when you specialize. For a client that wants to make their website more user-friendly, for instance, they will hire a back-end developer that has plenty of coding experience under their belt to enhance the smoothness of the site.

The greater exposure will also give you time to produce very high-quality and consistent results, which ultimately results in more clients seeking you out. In all regards, that is a major win for you.

If you have not started to specialize, it is important to begin somewhere. In the long term, it will guarantee your success in the freelancing realm and guarantee you more money and career growth.

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