Why storytellers opt for online anonymity, and what are its downsides?

Is it helpful for people to publish stories or content using anonymity identity? Is it safe to set up an anonymous blog to hide the identity? Should there be any change made in the way of publishing online content? Or more freedom and power should be given to those using anonymous blog platforms? Often, people talk or surf about these questions over the web. There’s no harm to using online anonymity and hiding the real identity. Rather than coming out with open views about a certain topic related to politics or society, one can go anonymous and talk about it freely.

Sometimes it can be privacy, which becomes a major reason why anonymous blog matters. Or else it can be another thing that makes a person seeks online anonymity. There’s no problem in talking about some person or anything openly. But people have different opinions, and they respond according to that. So, writers or storytellers keep their identities secret and disclose their stories in front of the world without worrying that someone may post a negative comment or judge their identity.

When talking about two things, including anonymous writing and pen name writing, both things hold a major difference. With the usage of pen names, people can be related to your writing and learn about your identity easily. On the contrary, anonymous writing helps the narrator or writer to keep his or her identity unnamed or anonymous. So, the reader doesn’t find any clue about who has written the content! Now, you would be curious to know why a storyteller would hide his or her identity. It happens due to some reason. Want to know them? Continue reading to explore the reasons behind storytellers seeking online anonymity.

Safer identity

Some exceptional storytellers or writers come up with the content made from their dearest efforts and heart. Often, real writers are passionate about writing and come up with genuine content. Though, will such free thoughts be accepted by everyone in society? It may be 50% or more people who would go against the content. So, what can be a threat in such a case? It’s the identity of the content writer only. For ensuring the safety of identity, writers do go anonymous.

No restriction to speak

When talking about online anonymity, people choose it for the freedom to talk about any matter without worrying about any negative response. You can talk about any matter without thinking about how people will react to it! You might worry about what if your friends give you a negative response over your thoughts or opinions about a certain political topic. Often, people are concern about what others will think or say when they post something using a confidential identity. Though, it is one of the biggest advantages of online anonymity that you can speak whatever you feel like. No one is going to catch you or revert any negative response to your post.

Personal life security

Most often, people are worried about safeguarding their relations or known ones from any threat. But how will the threat come? If you’re posting some activities of a big personality or a powerful person, you may have a threat to your life or your family members. For avoiding such a situation, it is better to go anonymous and post it without any stress. Online anonymity safeguards the identity of storytellers and lets them speak about their stories openly with the world.

Are you any downsides associated with anonymous writing?

When one thing has its benefits, it comes with some downsides too. In the context of anonymous writing, it does come with some risks. Firstly, it becomes a difficult thing to create a community from where you get all the attention of readers. Every hour, several blogs get published both anonymously and by pen name too. How would your blog turn out to be the most-liked and readable? If you want to make your anonymous blog different from others, then you need to make it unique and talk about your stories.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by anonymous bloggers is not discussing the content with any dear ones. You’ll always feel like sharing it with your family and getting more shares with your friend’s network. But you won’t be able to do it! Also, you won’t be able to discuss your anonymous blogging success story with your friends or dear ones.

With anonymous blogging, you don’t get an excuse for creating any legal claims or making any untrue statements about someone. One of the biggest downsides of anonymous blogging is people come out with false information or unreliable stuff. This leads to breaking the authenticity of anonymous content. Often, people may think a lot about whether to trust an anonymous post or not. Also, it is giving a wider opportunity for hackers to attack or stealing confidential details of other users.

About the Author: Mithilesh Chaubey

Mithilesh is a part time blogger from Noida. He loves to write on various topics of technology, Gadgets, Health & sports.

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