Why You Should Secure Your Data

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You might have the opinion that privacy is dead. After all, Facebook knows everything that there is to know about anybody… including what their last meal was. The world continues to turn even so. Whether or not you are concerned about the government or businesses having all sorts of knowledge regarding your private life, you might not know exactly why such information should be protected.

The thing is, digital privacy is something that should concern you. You SHOULD keep a critical eye on all of those various services that promise you free services in exchange for little bits of information of a personal nature.

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This isn’t just for individuals, but for businesses too. Keeping the data that is critical to your company safe is paramount to keeping your business on track. How can this be accomplished with things like the cloud and data being put on flash drives that can be lost or stolen? Why don’t we take a minute and find out just a few ways to make sure that your data stays secure?

Use security

Security companies make it easy for you to secure any and all information that you might put on a flash drive. This secure flash drive has physical protection on it in the form of a keypad on the outside of the drive. This keypad is used to enter your PIN to unlock the device so that you can encrypt and view any data that is stored on it. This is a great solution not just for individuals who wish to keep their information safe but also for businesses. This is also a bootable drive, which means that you can make a backup of your system to boot from if your computers are compromised in any way.

Protect against hacking

Hackers are people who illegally access information that they have no business accessing. This can be business and even government secrets or it can be personal information that is stored on any of your devices. This can include things like social security numbers, birth dates, mothers’ maiden names, and more. Consider what a hacker might do with that type of information. Are you beginning to see why it is critical that you keep your information safe from prying eyes?

Stay Safe Online

We share all sorts of things online even if we don’t realize the extent of that information. The Federal Trade Commission has a few recommendations when it comes to keeping that information secure online. Here is a quick peek at some of the things that they recommend:

  • Be on guard for impersonators.
  • Get rid of personal information safely.
  • Make sure your data is encrypted.
  • Keep all of your passwords private.
  • Pay attention to what you share on social networking sites.

Back it Up

The most important thing that you can do when it comes to keeping your data safe is to back it up on a regular basis. The question is this, though: how often should you be backing your information up? The answer depends on you. How much information can you stand to lose if you experience a total system failure? An hour’s worth? A day? A week? Figure out the answer and back up accordingly.

Security on Various Levels

If you want to keep people out of your data, you really should consider setting permissions on the folders and files. If the data you want to protect is actually in network shares, you can choose to set the share permissions in order to have a bit more control over which accounts and can’t access the various files on the network. Keep in mind though that these permissions will not be applicable to anyone who might be using the computer that the data is stored on. In that case, you will want to use the NTFS, or file-level permissions.

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So now it is up to you. We have shown you why you need to protect your information and more than a few ways to do it. When all is said and done though, you need to always be sure to be paying attention to the information that you are putting out there. If it is on a computer or device, it is susceptible to a data failure or breach. Be vigilant.


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