Your brief guide to the top 10 augmented reality apps

The augmented reality which seemed to be something that’s made for sci-fi movies and books has now managed to make a home in our lives, wonder where technology would take us. Sometimes it feels like tech and gadget developers pick these ideas from techy movies because if you had said the words ‘augmented reality’ 50 years ago people would have laughed over you.

How do augmented reality apps work?

Augmented reality basically means to know detail of anything just by looking at it through any camera device, consider a movie poster on a wall you walk past it and you want to have a look at what kind of movie that is, you take out your phone tune in any of the below-mentioned apps you can easily know what you want, the app will scan the poster using your camera and fetch related details accordingly using a database, you can view other related posters, trailers of the movie, description, summary, related articles and much more. The best thing about augmented reality is that it is not just limited to movie posters or event posters you can search anything basically, like a building or a monument nearby, the app will scan it and tell you its details. The content is digitally tied to these images and the database is bigger than you can imagine.

Let’s get to the top 10 apps that support augmented reality

Layar: This app is rated amongst the top apps in the augmented reality section, it allows you to view digital content embedded from the various event, movie posters, QR codes from products, advertisements, magazines and in turn, shows you related videos, articles, discounted prices and another version of the products. The best feature of this app is that alongside the positive aspect of detailing via scanning this app also allows you to discover nearby monuments, buildings, and restaurants etc. It is free on Android and is both.

Google Translate: You have used Google translator many times for translation purposes but did you know that it is also an augmented reality app and one that works quite effectively it’s from Google after all. Though the app mostly works on translation services allowing you translate a board, poster, and sign etc. to your desired language. You just have to hold up your camera next to the sign and translate to the language you want, as easy as that. This app comes quite handy when traveling abroad.

Yelp: Though the app is based more on reviews and location finding it hides an augmented reality feature that can help you find nearby restaurants and establishments. The app is two in one providing you this facility alongside that of a location finder.

Field Trip: Another handy app while you are traveling as the name suggests this is a location-based augmented reality app providing you information about nearby places, monuments etc. It has an added feature to read out the cards and guide you to the nearest popular location it can be called a mini mobile tour guide.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving: This app is made to assist drivers and it can be a great deal of help for you, the app runs in the background while keeping a track of your speed and driving, it shows you alerts regarding lane change, vehicles ahead, roadblocks and accidents. Works best if mounted on the car’s dashboard, you will have to pay $5 to get this app on your phone.

Wikitude: The name sure resembles Wikipedia and believe us it’s no less than it is the augmented reality section. After a few updates, the app now allows you to search things according to your needs and then let the camera locate them for you. Consider searching the term ‘indian food’, hold up your camera and the app will look out for restaurants or corners that provide Indian food, the app also brings packaging and ads to life using videos and animation. It’s freely available on both Android and ios.

Sunseeker: If you are a photographer who is more fan of natural lighting than studios this might come in handy for you, the app’s AR allows you to track sun’s movements typically the altitude, sunrise, sunset and elevation at your desired time intervals. Though it is not free if you are a passionate photographer we don’t think you would mind spending $10 on this app.

Star Walk: A fan of the stars? This is the perfect app for a casual look at the sky at the night, the app uses your GPS and sensors and thus shows you the world beyond the earth, it locates constellations, planets and stars giving you a good view of everyday changes going on in the outer space, this is a fun app to have.

Ingress: Gamers, your wait is over, AR is in every field now. This app developed by Google’s Niantic lab allows you to travel the world within the app and gather energy sources hidden beside monuments and buildings; you are in a fight with other secret services to locate energy sources. A fun game to play in AR.

Blipper: The clipper app is a nice AR app providing fun alongside, the app allows you to search for posters; sculptures etc. in a fun and interesting way, consider this you scan a monument and search for it the app will automatically create a fun gaming type interface alongside details of the monument. A must-have app for fun interaction alongside knowledge.

The future of augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality have a bright future ahead, with technology developing faster and faster we think that these two will soon become a part of our everyday life, people are already getting used to these apps and devices and in the near future, the big tech companies will focus more in this era. The above-mentioned apps are the top 10 augmented reality apps and we suggest you give them all a try.


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