Application Programming Interface Explained
An interface is a common area that is shared by two programs or applications to connect and communicate with one another. So, an application programming interface (API) can be defined as a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools using which application software is built. Generally speaking, it’s a set of clearly defined methods of… (0 comment)

Why the unblocked games are highly preferred?
Playing games is the coolest activity that is done in modern times. This has become so popular because of high advanced technology. The proxy server is helpful in providing of the intermediary network to others. These would require some time and that could annoy player. But the way some unblocked games have been designed is… (0 comment)

10 Hidden Tricks of Google Gravity
We all read about Newton’s Law of Gravity but have you learn about Google Gravity? Well, it is one of the methods that Google introduced a couple of years back. Since then it is making quite a noise over the web. Let’s take a look at Google Gravity and impressive tricks which we can use.… (0 comment)

10 YouTube Tricks You Need To Know
When it comes to watching videos online, Youtube is on the number 1. There are many other online videos streaming website, but these are very far from Youtube due to its seamless, smoothness, and user-friendly experience. Everyone is so much addicted of youtube, and most of you are familiar with its features. But still, there… (0 comment)

Comcast is one of the biggest internet service providers with a huge customer base. With great cabled internet service Comcast has covered and commanded over a huge volume of clients, domestic and commercial. Its high speed internet facilities are great for the offices and homes. The recent venture of the internet magnet in 2013 converted… (0 comment)

Nowadays, you are capable of running the Android apps on almost any phone without having the android device with the help of Android emulators. These emulators will help you run virtually any Android app and game without affecting the performance of your device. Over the internet, you will locate multiple Android emulators, however, selecting the… (0 comment)