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apps like snapchat
SnapChat is the next big thing that has happened to the tech-savvy world after Facebook. The SnapChat app has been a popular instant messenger app, thanks to its feature that removes the message after a stipulated time. There are many features that make SnapChat one of the best options for the younger lot. Even then, this auto-deletion feature is something that may not go down well with some users. That would possibly necessitate the need for SnapChat alternatives that you would want to try. Though SnapChat has been one of the leading images and video sharing websites, auto-deletion is what some users cannot digest. That is why we have set out to find the best apps like SnapChat in today’s post.

Top 5 apps like SnapChat – A Formidable list

Before moving on to look for the SnapChat alternatives, will it not be a good idea to understand what an app like SnapChat is capable of? Let us check out what this app does.

apps like snapchat

Well, the SnapChat app does not need any introduction as such. It is a leading video and photo sharing app that has an active user base of over 200 million active users per month. It is just like any other chat app or instant messengers like WhatsApp but comes with a unique Auto Deletion feature. Any message received on SnapChat will be gone after a stipulated timeframe, or when the recipient sees it. It has a huge list of templates that you can take pictures with. You can share stories of your own created with these funny templates. SnapChat filters are what would help you create your unique stories. 80% Females around the world loves to use Snapchat more that other social media platforms.

However, the same Auto Deletion feature that has made it stand apart from the rest of the apps like SnapChat, has been one of the reasons that some of its users are looking for SnapChat alternatives. If you are a SnapChat fan but resent the message destruction feature on the app, here are the alternatives that you can check out.

#1. ClipChat

This is the best alternative to SnapChat, what with the same feature of message deletion included within it. It comes with its own set of face filters and faces templates just like SnapChat App.

snapchat alternatives

What sets it apart from SnapChat is its faster functionality. ClipChat is believed to be faster than SnapChat in sending and receiving messages. The interface is quite cool and user-friendly. From the privacy point of view, ClipChat offers an additional advantage. It alerts you whenever the recipient of your message attempts to take a screenshot of your message. If you are a regular SnapChat user, ClipChat can be the best alternative you can go for.

#2. SlingShot

SlingShot is a newer SnapChat alternative and offers you a few advantages over SnapChat. Like ClipChat, it too has a better speed than SnapChat as per the reviews from the users. Unlike Snapchat, you could respond with the image or video by drawing a doodle or taking a picture as a comment.

In sharp contrast to SnapChat, it lets you respond to the video or image by drawing a doodle or a drawing over it or sending the image in the comments. One of the unique features that would make it stand out from the rest is the daily questions that you can answer to interact with your friends. In fact, it has become one of the special features that attract users to it. You can only send images from the app though. It does not have filters. One more important thing is you could automate or schedule your text messages or any file to share. Slingshot is only available for IOS users.

#3. Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly the fastest growing Internet messenger service. With a 700 million strong user base, it can be the best alternative to SnapChat. Instagram is not just a platform to enjoy and sharing your pictures with friends, It’s also a best social media marketing platform where you can generate leads and take your business on another level.

Apart from videos and images, you can also send other sorts of messages as well through Instagram. You also can update interactive stories in your timeline which helps to your friends to know more about you. Keeping in tune with rest of the instant messengers, Instagram has recently announced Direct Messages feature. That would be the great way to interact with each other. Like Snap filters, Instagram too has its own set of built-in filters that should be helpful in making your pictures look more attractive. However, the list of filters is quite limited.

#4. Telegram

A telegram has been one of the popular instant messengers in recent times. So much so that it has been capable of taking on the giants like WhatsApp. That would make it the best alternative to SnapChat.

More so an app like WhatsApp, Telegram is basically meant for exchanging messages, videos, and images. You can communicate with your friends and family members in private chats or even your groups. The messages that you exchange are encrypted for an enhanced security. If you are looking for the lightweight and easy to use the best Alternative of SnapChat then Telegram can be your best choice. It has a few features similar to on SnapChat and there are those features that you may not find on SnapChat. In any case, Telegram is one of the excellent apps that can be your good addition to the apps like SnapChat.

#5. Cyber Dust

Cyber Dust is the best among the apps like SnapChat. It shares one of the features with SnapChat. It deletes the messages received as soon as the receiver sees it.

In fact, the app employs a stringent end to end encryption. Taking screenshots is extremely impossible in the app. It has strict prohibition built into the app that does not allows you taking screenshots. You can send messages, videos, stickers, images and other files through Cyber Dust app. The interface may be something you may not be comfortable with but when you will start using it you will surely love it after sometimes. When it comes to privacy, Cyber Dust can definitely be considered to be the best alternative to SnapChat. Don’t believe blindly on reviews over the internet, Just install it, use it and feel it.

Wrapping Up The SnapChat Alternatives

SnapChat is one of the excellent instant messenger apps that has been ruling the roost in the arena of apps that care for your privacy. The auto-deletion feature would be the best feature from the point of view of privacy and security. Even then, there are people who feel annoyed with SnapChat for their own reasons and look for other apps like SnapChat.

The cool apps featured in this compilation of SnapChat Alternatives should serve as the best collection for those looking for the apps similar to SnapChat in terms of features and functionality. There are lots of others SnapChat Alternatives are available online but we have told you some of the best alternatives in this post.

Which of these apps do you use? Do share your opinions with us. Also, let us know if you feel any of the apps are missing from this list in spite of being worthy on the list. If you know about any other best SnapChat Alternative then feel free to share with us. We will add it to the list on our next update.

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