6 Benefits of Guest Posting Beside High-Quality Backlinks

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When jumping aboard the guest blogging bandwagon, you often pay attention to niche relevancy and consider sites that already have fairly good traffic. You want to connect and interact with individuals and businesses that are potentially interested in what your business is offering, people who are likely to follow the link(s) on your post and land back on your website.

But backlinks are not the only reason why guest blogging is such a powerful marketing tool. Here are six other benefits you can reap from this strategy.

Immediate exposure to targeted audiences

Since you often write a guest post for a site that already enjoys a considerable amount of steady traffic, the post is likely to be seen by a huge number of high-quality audience. This gives you a vast instant exposure whether your site gets a backlink or not.

Freelance Writer

Expansive brand awareness

Contributing to other blogs means that you are breaking the boundaries of your current audience reach and expanding beyond it. New audiences get to discover your brand through your guest posts. And, depending on how good the post is, the readers are likely to develop interest in your brand and look you up on the internet or visit your website.

Attracting qualified leads

Assuming that you successfully pick the right website, as this is one of the fundamental steps to an effective guest blogging strategy, you’ll be reaching people who are relevant to not just your post but your brand. That means you are reaching people who qualify as prospective customers for what your business offers.

So, if you manage to write a good-quality post, and get traffic to flow to your site, chances are that a large section of that traffic will be potentially interested in buying what you are offering. This is how simply a guest post done the right way can spiral into sales and revenue.

Increased social media following

As part of their Blogger Outreach Service, some sites that accept guest posts also share the posts across their social media handles, pages or groups. Needless to say, when your branded content gets shared, there’s quite a bit of publicity that comes your way. And the people who discover you across these social networks this way are likely to hit the desired “Follow” or “Like” button on your own profiles. This means you can now market to them directly on your social media presences.

Better online authority

Writing guest posts to authority sites can be a great boon to your own personal brand. You often get to customize your contributor profile with the site in a way that not only includes links to your own website or social media accounts, but also makes you look good to those who view you on that platform. This can make it easier for you to convert readers into loyal subscribers or paying customers.

Building relationships that could turn into business deals

When you guest blog, you not only position yourself as an expert, rather you open yourself up for others to also write guest posts on your own site. If you turn out to be offering services or products that are of interest to one another, you can easily turn this arrangement into a mutually beneficial business deal.

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To wrap up, guest blogging can be extremely powerful, but only if done right. So be sure to write highly shareable high-quality posts from the get-go.  

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