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Content creation seems to be a bit of a buzz work in the age of social media. However, telling stories is an age old need that humans have enjoyed forever, we might think that this has changed in the modern world, but the need to be engaged by interesting stories is just as relevant now as it ever has been.

Although the methods in which we can engage with each other have changed over the years, one of the most enjoyed styles is still through video, and you can see the power of this by looking at what attracts people on social media.

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Video is such a powerful tool that the largest social media platform, Facebook, has redesigned its algorithms to encourage users to upload video directly to Facebook rather than link to websites or YouTube. Why? Because they know that once you’re on YouTube or TikTok chances are high that they will have lost your eyeballs, which means that advertiser dollars are going to other social media platforms rather than them.

Has The Age Of User Content Removed Professional Content?

With so many videos of random people doing random things you may think that professional video content has gone the way of the Dodo, however, go look at some of that content again. In particular, listen to the sound quality, look at the lighting, see how steady the filming is while the camera is moving, and most importantly, notice how there is actually a story being told?

Although many of the videos are made on the fly by amateurs, more of the popular ones are made by professional NYC video creation services. Really good creation isn’t just amazing footage, it is making sure that there is a story being told, one that appeals to the people watching.

While user created content is an excellent way to generate engagement, for businesses and organizations it is a risky way of promoting your brand as you have no control over what will be shared. Having firm community guidelines that are well enforced can help to mitigate the potential for problematic uploads, but may also cause an endless nightmare for your social media manager.

Film In The Age Of Cynicism

There is no doubt that the modern audience is not easily fooled, and for commercial projects, trying to fool an audience on an emotive level will generally backfire. This is particularly true if your audience is in the 40-60yr GenX category, but each age group has their own idiosyncrasies that a good film creation service will be able to advise you on.

While you may be thinking of the amazing special effects that they can add-in for you, they are more thinking about ensuring that you have captions, smooth transitions, and diversity of character to help you tell your story to a greater range of people.

While ‘feel-good’ stories remain popular, the increase of ‘fake news’ and cynicism around the believability of these stories means that you need to be careful that you are not putting a positive spin on a bad situation, as while this may see you becoming a trending topic, it will unlikely be in the way that you hoped (see here).

Following The Trends

Social media managers have a desire to want to ensure that they are on point with trending topics. This often leads to companies that follow trends rather than creating them. For companies with a smaller marketing budget this may seem like a good thing to do but often results in constantly playing catch up or in using trends that really don’t fit well with the brand identity.

One of the popular trends in video marketing that came to light in 2019 is ASMR (Auto Sensory Meridian Response, which is using sound to create a physical reaction in people. A negative version of this would be the sound of people eating which can create an instant hatred in people who suffer Misophonia. While a more positive version might be the sound of a puppy snuffling, something that is steady and rhythmic that has positive associations can create a ‘brain tingling’.

While including trending or popular ‘gimmicks’ can be used to add interest in your content, ultimately you need to be sure in your own mind what your brand is trying to portray and ensure that you are sticking to your message not sharing someone else’s.

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