20+ Hidden Tricks of Google Gravity

Google Gravity

One of the most famous search engines that everyone might have used at some point in time. But I bet you do not know many things about Google yet.

Let’s take a look at Google Gravity and impressive tricks which we can use.

Do you know what Google gravity is?

We all know Newton’s law of gravity, and probably it doesn’t seem to be fun, but hey! Google made it more exciting for us while designing the cool JavaScript prominently known as Google gravity. This activity is to engage the customers and attract their visitors.

The very first thing that one needs to do is enable the “I am feeling Lucky option.” The next step is to go to the bar and search something, for instance, you searched Gmail, now you will notice that now because Google gravity it directly comes from the Google. And as soon as you press enter, you will be amused to see the search bar will be flat fallen because of the virtual gravity. This is a funny experiment by Google to bring along a playful experience while someone is using the search engine.

It is a collection of some fresh and unusual features that let users perform some fabulous tricks. It also let us play with content in more entertaining ways. There are several features of Google Gravity, but here we will talk about the top 10 Google tricks.

Few More Hidden Tricks

Google Doodle – Guitar play the music

For a long time if you are planning to learn or play the Guitar then this Doodle can help you in several ways. You not just play with this several tunes but also get some melodious music. This feature also lets you record your playing.

Here is the link which you can use – http://elgoog.im/guitar/

Google Zero Gravity Fall

Have you ever seen Google’s content and phrases falling apart? No, then you should try this feature. To try this trick

How To Use

Go to Google.com and type “Google Zero Gravity” on search box then click on “I am feeling lucky.”

As soon as you did this everything will fall. The best part about this feature you can throw and pick up the content anywhere and everywhere on the screen.

Google Space

I am sure you must have wondered a few times or maybe thousands of times – what it is like to be in space? Well, Google Space can show you what happens in space. You can play with the content in the same way as we did with Google Zero Gravity.

How To Use

Go to Google.com and type “Google Space” on search box then click on “I am feeling lucky.”

However, here the text will not fall instead of float.

Google Gravity Underwater

It is a beautiful feature that you will really like on using. Again, it is also similar to Zero Gravity feature. However, the only difference is instead the plain white background you will get the background of “underwater” where all the water creatures are flying around. The best part is when you search something then either precious jeweler or gold coins will fall from the above.

How To Use

Go to Google.com and type “Google Gravity Underwater” on search box then click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Google Snake Game

Do you remember the famous snake game? Yes! Want to play again? Yes!

Then you should try the Google Snake Game here – http://elgoog.im/snake/

It let you play the game with its logo and also let you try the game on its page.

Zerg Rush

This one of my favorite Google Gravity Tricks that makes the content vanish in just a few seconds. Well, it works in a simple way. All you need is to type “Zerg Rush” into Google and press enter or search tab. Consequently, you will see a group of letters “O” fall on the page and destroys all the search results shown on the given page. Now, all the content related to a search result will gradually disappear.

How To Use

Go to Google.com and type “Zerg Rush” on search box then click on “Search.”

Google Packman

Google Pacman is also another JavaScript trick; the creativity behind every feature is amazing.  Though many people are unaware of the word Pacman, let me tell you Pacman was a fantastic game back in the time, and Google Pacman is the result of this game series itself. Though this trick is quite similar to the Google anti-gravity trick, it is more loved by people.  Many people play this game on Google, and it is almost a 30 years old game.

How To Use

All you need to do is open the Google.com page and type “Google Packman” in a search bar and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Google Gravity Mirror

Here you will get the search results in a reversed manner. The text, logo and other elements come in a reversed manner. Everything displayed opposite on a page. The search result will appear as a mirrored image.

How To Use

All you need to do is open the Google.com page and type “Google Gravity Mirror” in a search bar and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Google Tilt

When you use this trick. It will make the Google page appear tilted. Even the search result will also appear in a tilted manner.

How To Use

All you need to do is open the Google.com page and type “Google Tilt” in a search bar and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Barrel Roll in Google

Have you seen the Google page rotated to 360 degrees? Well, if you did not then you must try this feature.

How To Use

All you need is to type the “barrel roll in Google” and click on “I am feeling lucky.”


Annoying Google –

This trick will really annoy anyone. It randomly converts the alphabets In uppercase  and lowercase. You can use this trick and can be the master of Google search Engine Among your friends.

How To Use

All you need is to type the “annoying google” and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Google Askew

This is another awesome trick that you should try at least for once. it will distort our Google search page. It’s just like tilt trick but it also distorts the words on the page.

How To Use

All you need is to type the search bar “Askew” and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Google 1998 Look

Hardly, You have heard about this before today. This trick is all about Google’s 1998 look. If you want to see the older look of Google in 1998 then this trick is really helpful for you. This is the best way to experience the older version of Google.

How To Use

All you need is to type the search bar “Google in 1998” and then press enter. It will return you Google Page in 1998.

What is Google Antigravity?

Google anti-gravity is another prominently known prank by the Google. If you want to see the whole screen to float in an arbitrary motion, Google search Antigravity for it. And then any search and other links start floating on the screen itself because of the Google Antigravity.

Google guitar

Do you love playing music?  And love someone else playing it for you? Wait what if your search engine plays it for you?  With this amazing Google guitar trick, you can be your musician and play good music simply using your keyboard.  Every key on your keyboard is set with a tone while you are using Google guitar.  So one can make their rhythm with it. This is not only playful but also interesting.  For all the music lovers this is the best thing to try.

Google Sphere

A unique way of showing the search query is Google sphere. One can use Google sphere and give it a shot as the results you find while you are on Google sphere it comes in a spinning mode.  So like a Shaktiman effect, it spins and then you are directed to the link or the search you have searched for. Though for one to get all the ten results that ideally come on the first page of the search is little difficult, this is one of the best Google pranks.

Google Rainbow

Do you love colors? Then I am sure Rainbow is one of your favorite things, Google rainbow is another trick for you to get this effect. With this, it will turn the Google into a rainbow. And it might even turn the Google search of yours into rainbow colors.

google gravity Rainbow
google gravity Rainbow

For instance” I am feeling lucky “will now be “I am feeling colorful.”  So to brighten up your boring research, Google rainbow has come up to give colorful wings to your searches.

How To Use

All you need is to type the “Google Rainbow” and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Google Flat fall

One of the most creative and eye-catching tricks is Google flat fall. It is developed by the Google programmers itself. With the Google Flat fall, the searches that you make and the related images will directly fall and get attracted to the floor due to the gravitational force effect. This is one of hilarious Google tricks.

How To Use

All you need is to type the “Google Flat fall” and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Google Loco

Another very crazy trick by Google is Google Loco; it is similar to the like the Google Gravity. You can run this trick both the ways, in Google gravity and Google anti-gravity, one can see their whole Google and search falling like it is earthquake time. Because of the full power force and zero gravity, it is similar to 0 gravity. So any search also keeps falling which makes it look funny and attractive, many times people try this out solely for fun purpose and checking out the Google creativity.

How To Use

All you need is to type the “Google Loco” and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Winnie Google

The name itself suggests that it is a very amazing Google trick. It is just like another Google anti-gravity method. In this anti-gravity trick, where people can try this out and search anything, and one of them and their entire search slowly and eventually will turn into the little price. The third party develops this Google trick; it is not only enjoyable but also gives a different experience to the users.

How To Use

All you need is to type the “Winnie Google” and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Google Terminal

Many people are now using Google Terminal; it is one of the craziest tricks by the Google.  It gives a very rejuvenating and mind-boggling touch to the whole Of Google. It gives different colors to the Google Home screen.  The homepage of the Chrome will be identical to the MS-Dos window where one can run their command easily.

This trick won’t even require one to use the mouse, so this is a very simple trick one can get in. This gravity trick will need one to just press few keys on the board itself and as the Google Terminal.

How To Use

All you need is to type the “Google Terminal” and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Google Heart Graph

This is an amazing trick for lovers. You can express your love to your loved ones with this trick. You will get a blue heart in the page by using this trick.

How To Use

Just copy the copy the text below

”sqrt(cos(x))*sin(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5 ”

And paste it into the Google Search bar and hit enter. You will get a blue heart on the Google Page.

Google Bubble level

Google bubble level sounds amusing itself, if you ever have tried the Google easter trick then this one is quite similar but it ultimately gives a rejuvenating effect. It clearly provides a better experience if you are using on a mobile device. As on phone it even gives a bubble level effect too directly.

How To Use

All you need is to type the “Google Bubble Level” and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

Google Epic

One of the best games one can experience on Google Chrome is Google Epic, slowly and eventually after page that you have searched for on Google becomes about five times larger. So this is like a stretch ball and one can experience more like a rubber band effect with Google epic.

How To Use

All you need is to type the “Google Epic” and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

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