The High Functionality Of Black Light Apps And The Technology Behind It

The High Functionality Of Black Light Apps And The Technology Behind It

Black lights or as they are usually called UV lights are generally purple lights in appearance. Since most of the light emitted by them is in the Ultraviolet range of the spectrum, it is called UV light. The UV zone of the spectrum is invisible to the human eye. Fluorescent things glow when a UV light falls on them. White things also tend to glow under UV lights.

With an excess of mobile apps in the market, some apps have been developed that can make your phone work as a UV light or blacklight. You will read about the advantages, features of using these apps and also some of the best black light apps available.

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Black Light Apps

What is Black Light Apps?


With an excess of mobile apps in the market, some apps have been developed that can make your phone work as a UV light or blacklight. Whenever a black light or a UV light, which is purple in appearance, falls on things that are white or fluorescent, they tend to glow. The major advantage of using these apps is that, since, these things usually fall in the UV range of the spectrum, which makes them invisible to the human eye, hence, using black light apps makes them visible to the human eye when the UV light from the apps fall on these.

Features of Black Light Apps?

Best Features

Whenever you enter a new hotel room, you are unsure as to who may have lived there before, and also, how clean the room really is. The room may appear perfectly clean to the naked eye, but there may be a lot of things that may not be visible. This makes it very essential to come up with technology that makes these things visible. Since, these things emit light that falls under the UV range of the spectrum, hence, they glow only when UV lights fall on them. The main feature of black lights is that they turn your phone into a source of UV light emitter, and when you point your phone at things that may not be visible; they glow up when this UV light falls on them.

What can Black Light Apps Detect?

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Blacklight apps turn your phone into a source of UV light emitter. These are used by Crime Scene Investigators mostly, as they can detect body fluids, which include, sweat, semen, urine, and saliva. While investigating a case, detecting these items can be of major help as they can be normally invisible to the naked eye. With the help of black light apps, these things get visible and can prove to be of major help in cracking the case. There is a special mix of chemicals in the semen, which makes it glow the brightest whenever UV light falls on it.

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How do Black Light Apps Work?

How it works

Blacklight apps work on the concept of fluorescence. Fluorescence is explained as the emission of light by a body that has absorbed light or absorbed other electromagnetic radiation. It can also be called a form of luminescence. The emitted light from these bodies has lower energy and emits light with longer wavelengths than the absorbed radiation. Fluorescence happens whenever anybody absorbs UV photons that have wavelengths from 200-900 nm. This makes the light emitted by these bodies to be invisible, which in turn makes these bodies invisible. The black light apps which turn the phone into a source of UV light emitter, make the UV light fall on these bodies which makes them glow in the dark and hence visible to the human eye.

Types of Black Light Apps Available

Different Types

There are some very basic apps available that turn your phone into a source of blacklight or UV light, by making use of the phone screen and flash. On the other hand, there are also some DIY projects available that teach you how to convert your phone into a source of black light.

Black lights can be of a LED type or fluorescent type depending on the provider. For educational purposes, generally, torches that emit black lights are used. These have been replaced widely by mobile apps that do the same job; only it makes it much easier and inexpensive. The radiation emitted by the sun is also of UV form, but black light apps cannot help in making them visible since they fall under the UVA spectrum of UV range.

Uses of Black Light Apps


Blacklight apps are generally used for detecting things that emit light that fall under the UV range of the spectrum. These things can include human bodily fluids such as urine, saliva, semen, and sweat. These things absorb fluorescent photons which make them glow whenever lights from the phone by using black light apps fall on these things. These apps can also be used to detect proteins, bacteria, viruses, and other toxins. This is done with the help of the biosensing capabilities of the phone with the help of black light apps.  This makes the apps very useful for medical purposes too as a lot of medical research revolves around bacteria and viruses. By making viruses and bacteria detectable and visible with the help of black light apps, researchers have made a major breakthrough in this technology.

The Technology Behind Black Light Apps

Best Technology 

Blacklight apps use the help of biosensors. These biosensors act as photonic crystals. Photonic crystals act like mirrors but reflect light are falling under only one wavelength. The rest of the light that falls on the different spectrum is not reflected. The crystals shift the color of the emission to longer wavelengths from shorter wavelengths. The wavelength that is reflected creates a black gap in the spectrum. This technology of creating black gaps in the spectrum and using it to detect molecules by measuring the length of these gaps is medically very important.

Choose a custom software development company wisely that can help create Black Light apps. The custom software company that does such app development must have the required experience and domain understanding, backed by resources such as software solutions architects and data scientists. This will ensure the app delivers on its core premise.

The major feature of these black light apps is making things that may not be visible to the naked eye visible. The technology involved in these apps is very basic physics, and yet the usability of these apps is very high. The number of uses can range from detecting simple things like human bodily fluids at hotel rooms or in homes for cleanliness purposes or investigative purposes. These apps can be used by researchers too for medical purposes. Because of the medical aspect involved, these apps have a lot of importance overall.

These apps work by making the things that fall under the UV spectrum, visible to the naked eye as the light emitted by the objects in this spectrum is not visible to the naked eye. These apps work on the concept of fluorescence which is making the objects that have absorbed radiation from UV photons and hence whenever UV lights fall on these objects; it makes them glow. Blacklight apps generally emit light that is purple in color, and the number of uses of blacklight apps is very high. The usage ranges from the apps being used by students, police investigators, ordinary tourists visiting hotels, researchers using them for research purposes, and so on. This makes these black light apps immensely important in the present world because of their high functionality and because their usage is not very tough and they are easily available.

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