18 Productive Chrome Flags for Mobile and PC Users

Chrome Flags

When you enter this URL in your Chrome browser chrome://flags/ you can easily see all available Chrome flags which come in all variants and all of them delivers different effects on your browsing experience. Some of them will improve the performance while others change the user interface yet rest of them will add functionalities that may not or may take it to the recent version.

In this comprehensive blog, let’s take a look at Mobile and Desktop editions of Chrome flags. You need to know that some of these Chrome flags work only on Mobile while others on Desktop only.

1. Increase Download Speeds (For both Mobile and Desktop)

 If you tend to download many files, then this is an exciting feature to have as it assists you with increased speeds on any device. You can click here for more information or alternatively visit here for the product catalogue. However, we are still unsure why it has not been released yet in the more stable version.

2. Dark Mode (Specifically for Mobile)

Most people like to have dark mode while browsing and you are one of them then this flag is for you. We are sure you will like it a lot.

The dark mode is not easy on eyes, also save battery life – both are essential for a smooth browsing experience. Moreover, dark mode looks cool.

In search results, there are two options. You can enable UI dark mode in Android Chrome.

3. Back Button History (Specifically for Desktop)

Sometimes when you browse or surf the internet, then we are sure that you must have come across such nefarious sites who stop you from leaving their page no matter how many times you tap on the back button. Ultimately, most of us have to close the browser to get rid of those pages. There are Chrome flags to cater to this problem.

4. Autoplay Video (For both Mobile and Desktop)

Another annoying situation which most of us experience while browsing is when you visit any website then out of nowhere a video starts playing on your screen without our permission. This is not just an irritating experience, also slows down the browser as well as consume the resources. You can easily use this Chrome flag and end this menace by setting it to document use activation.

When you visit the page or the site, there are also audio files that auto-plays, we suggest you check out this Chrome flag to deal with this issue as well. Some websites tend to play audio files instead of videos. To put them on mute tabs you can use these settings.

5. Chrome Bottom Bar (Specifically for the Mobile)

Here we are not talking about the address bar. Nevertheless, it can be a cool Chrome flag. Here we are talking about the setting shortcuts or tab switchers which is typically accessible at the top of the screen. Nowadays, most Androids includes large screens, and when scrolling their tab switcher or settings button is hidden, this Chrome flag will place the settings button at the bottom of the screen for easy access.

6. HDR Mode (Specifically for the Desktop)

Do you use Chrome to watch HD videos or Netflix? If yes, then you can easily enhance your user experience by merely enabling the HDR Mode Chrome flag. The output color render will be improved with this Chrome flag.

7. Unsecured Sites (For both Desktop and Mobile)

If you ever noticed the “Https” sites closely in the address bar, then you can recall that they have green padlock near the address bar. This indicates that these sites are secure to browse. There are also some websites or web pages that do not include “s” in their URL which means they are not secured, Chrome does not highlight them, but you can always use this flag for safe browsing experience.

8. Permanent Reading Mode (Specifically for the Mobile)

For improving the user experience and productivity, you can check out this another Chrome flag, which can be quite useful. If you enjoy reading a lot online, then this Chrome flag will give you ad-less and compact design avoiding distractions while reading guides and articles.

9. Browser Faster (For both Mobile and Desktop)

Google released the more secured and latest protocol that uses UDP and TCP together to provide a more secure browsing experience to its users. By enabling the Experimental QUIC protocol, you can experience the same.

10. Remember Scroll Position (For both Mobile and Desktop)

Another challenge that typically we experience while browsing is some element or ad pop-ups when scrolling the page. Then you have to either reload the page or go offline to get rid of it, right? Again, you have to navigate back to that section of the page. However, when you activate the Scroll Anchor Serialization flag, which makes Chrome remember where you were on the page.

11. Share Chrome Tabs (Specifically for the Desktop)

You need this Chrome flag if you want to share your tabs with other devices and using Chromecast or any other device. When you activate the media router component, you can effortlessly share the tab with additional devices or your smart television.

12. Load images as You Scroll (Specifically for the Desktop)

These days most of the website designs are responsive that download the images as you scroll down the page. On the other hand, there are still a few websites that at the same time, load all the images. This not just consume all the resources also increases the page load time. This Chrome flag will take care of this problem, and as you scroll down, then only images will be loaded.

13. Photo Picker (Specifically for the Mobile)

We all tend to use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and like to upload images in our accounts. If you have the small screen, then it can make the entire experience sour but using this Chrome flag, you can experience the user-friendly design.

Once activated, it uses the grid layout for ease instead of the list style icons that makes tough to comprehend which photos should you upload.

14. New Notification Style (Specifically for the Desktop)

When you are notified by receiving the notification on your Chrome, then we are sure like us you also do not like its un-intuitive and old design, right? This Chrome flag for notification style will bring the material design, which looks intuitive and surprising when you receive the notification.

15. Swipe Navigation (For both Mobile and Desktop)

If you want to use the touch screen feature on your Mobile or owns the laptop of that feature, then this Chrome flag is for you. This will make your browsing experience easy and fun. You can use the swipe gestures to not only move forward but also backward on your browser screen.

16. Context Menu Icon (Specifically for the Mobile)

For Android in Chrome, there is no context menu’s icon. Though you can see all the options and the text having icon can genuinely help. It makes it easier to recognize the menu items. To activate the dynamic context menu with the right icons, you can use this Chrome flag.

17. Grouping Tabs (Specifically for the Android)

If you are one of those individuals, who like to work in multiple tabs within the single browser window. Then you can easily understand that how hard it is to manage the scattered tabs. Moreover, Chrome does not provide any relaxed way to handle these scatterings.

In a single window, you can group similar tabs which will make effortless to switch between different tabs – by using this Chrome flag. This is new functionality for the small screen devices.

18. Download Page UI (Specifically for the Mobile)

If you ever paid attention to Chrome’s download page, then you can recall it is bland, and there is no way to differentiate between varied formats and file types. Nevertheless, you always have an option to alter this setting by using this simple flag.

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To view all your download files, you can tap on the given icon and experience the new material design by enabling this Chrome flag. This will help you sort through all list of downloads and achieve a better experience.

Final Words

These are some of the best yet productive Chrome flags which we mentioned here in this list, while you will find a plethora of Chrome flags out there. These flags will elevate your browsing experience on both Desktop and Mobile that are much better. If you think that we missed any Chrome flag that should be part of this list? Lets us know here in a comment box.

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Moreover, if you are looking for detailed information on any of these Chrome flags mentioned in this list, let us know. We will share another comprehensive yet researched article on same.

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