25 best gadgets for gift under $100

In today’s high-tech society, it seems as if $100 can go further than ever before or not. The price of a quality tablet and the laptop is plummeting, as the amount, you have to spend on a fitness tracker and the other wearable gadgets that are beginning to perforate the mainstream either for the better or for the worse. For less than the cost of your monthly coffee allowance of the Starbucks, you can now pick up a device that streams at any content you might want to buy or to watch your HDTV, or a phenomenal e-reader on which you need to reread the select passages from your favorite novel.

Below are 25 of the favorite pieces of the best gadgets for the gift under $100 but the shipping prices not been included in it.

Samsung Gear Virtual Reality ($100): Virtual Reality has long been the dream of science fiction. However, after the years of failed attempts and the innovations, the consumer Virtual Reality is finally poised to make a big splash. Samsung’s Gear Virtual Reality is the best of all of these, drawing on an Oculus’ technology to provide a portable Virtual Reality experience. The headset uses a smartphone as a screen, so the users will need to own any one of the four compatible Samsung phones for it.

Aquaovo Alter Ego Personal Water Filter ($65): It’s a portable water purifier, perfect for any of an expedition or the post-apocalyptic scenario. An Aquaovo Alter Ego Personal Water Filter removes the harmful urban contaminants from untreated water while allowing the beneficial trace minerals such as the magnesium, the calcium, and the potassium to remain in it. The Alter Ego conveniently filters up to the 750 liters of water without leaving an unsavory aftertaste and being the lightweight with a free squeezable design it is absolutely perfect for the camping or the biking.

Google Chromecast ($35): The streaming sticks have become an essential feature for any home theater setup, allowing you to stream the content from your computer directly to your TV screen. The Google’s Chromecast has been able to compete with the flashy competitors like the Roku, largely by an offering of a high-quality experience at a much lower price. The latest of the change in the Chromecast includes its physical good redesign. The new built-up design fits more of an easily into the variety of the tight spaces and the most important development in the Chromecast is also it’s redesigned software that it has now, which also includes the search function that is being able to pull the media from every app there on the device.

Amazon Fire TV ($100): Being determined to an extent of its reach into every aspect of the people’s lives, the Amazon has now brought its services to the living room with an Amazon Fire TV, a streaming box. Although the streaming market seems to be a bit crowded these days, the Fire TV can be regarded as among the best of them, with a powerful box that brings the full arsenal of an Amazon’s service. In addition to the prime streaming, the Fire TV allows the users to play the games and browse the internet on their TV. The box also supports the 4k Ultra HD streaming, along with the voice recognition software for the hands-free browsing.

Nighthawk DM007 Quadcopter ($90): In the year 2016, you can’t feasibly make a list of the best gadgets without at least highlighting the one drone. Thankfully, with so many manufacturers now tackling the drones, the cost of the technology is at an all-time low. Now there are many of an excellent and the reasonably priced drones to choose from. The NightHawk Quadcopter is one of the best out there for the very low price. The 720p HD video camera allows you to capture a clear and the first-person footage of your aerial adventures and also captures the 2MP of the stills. The drone is also capable of some of the fairly nimble maneuvers, including of the flips made in any direction. The six-axis, an adjustable gyroscope gives the NightHawk Quadcopter some of the serious hovering skills too with the 150-meter range.

Griffin Wood Tones ($40): The Griffin’s budget-based, luxury headphones manage to combine the style with the sound in such a way that is being both pleasing to the eyes and to the ears too. The WoodTones provide an accurate midrange sound for the price, with a crisp treble and the warm overtones, while showcasing a penchant for the low-volume sound quality via equipped with the 50mm neodymium drivers. They’re perfect for the solitude, though not the best for your noisy commute to work, and are also being available in one of the three comfortable designs.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 ($99): Audio Technica’s AT-LP60 is perfect for the amateur audiophile as being built with an automatic operation in the mind and catering to the two speeds (the 33½ and the 45 RPM). It has an additional feature in it that it has the built-in phone amplifier, a replaceable stylus, and most importantly the smooth performance. All you have to do is just place a record on an aluminum platter, press the play button, and listen to an iconic fuss and pops that define a generation of the music.

Amazon Kindle ($80): The most recent version of the company’s classic device boasts of the 4GB of its memory and an updated processor with the great touchscreen feature and an excellent display that lets you browse through the thousands of books with an ease. Furthermore, the device’s software includes the Goodreads integration and a vocabulary builder, only complimenting to its marathon battery life and with its comfortable design. It’s also lighter than the standard paperback, being glare-free, and touts the high contrast for its visibility in tougher situations. Also, it’s a dedicated e-reader, meaning which, it leaves the push notifications and alerts at the door for you while you read.

Olloclip ($80): The Olloclips capitalize on an updated hardware and the software powering the iPhone 6’s front and the rear cameras. This unique device adds lenses to both of the cameras at the same time, affording you an opportunity to capture the photos that are compatible with the most sharing and editing apps being available. There are both the 10x and the 15 x macro lenses in an addition to the standard wide-angle and with a fisheye lens too in it.

Phiaton BT 100 NC ($100): The Phiaton BT 100 Bluetooth headphones help you to update your audio game to the 21st century, even if your playlist is still stuck somewhere in the mid-’80s. There are better wireless phones in the market, but for an under $100, it doesn’t get any better than this. The Phiaton’s superb active noise-canceling technology is further accented by the form-fitting the earbuds, making these headphones an ideal for the frequent fliers. The unit is also IPX4 rated for the sweat and water resistance, which is an added bonus for those with an active lifestyle. As for the battery, it can last up to the 12 hours.

Garmin Vívosmart ($99): There is no shortage of devices being available in the market to keep the track of how much of an exercise you’re getting, and the Garmin Vívosmart is one of the best products for it at the low price. The Vívosmart captures the basic activity metrics like the steps taken, the distance traveled, the calories burnt and the steps needed to reach your desired goal. Once being paired with your Android or an iOS device, the Vívosmart can even silently alert you of an incoming phone call, an email, the text messages, and an upcoming calendar event. As an added bonus, you can also read the text messages and the emails straight from an onboard OLED display. The Garmin Vívosmart is water-resistant up to the 50 meters too.

Braving BRV-1 ($68): When it comes to the wireless Bluetooth speakers, there is simply no better phrase, to sum up then the beastly Braven BRV-1. The BRV-1 being waterproof is designed with an easily withstand the rainfall, the water jets, and the splashing too. It can even be submerged in an up to a meter of the water for an up to of 30 minutes without taking any damage to it. The rugged, rubberized exterior also protects the unit from an inevitable collision or the crunch, while the 15 hours of the battery life ensure that you can kick out the jams whether you’re near a charging outlet or not.

Sony BDP-S5500 Blu-ray player ($82): The Sony’s BDP-S5500 is one of the most of affordable Blu-ray players currently being available in the market, showcasing a gem-like design and also offering the compatibility with more than the 100 apps (the Netflix, the Pandora, etc.). It supports the 2D -to- the 3D conversion capabilities and the DVD upscaling too, resulting in the knockout image quality and also comes bundled with an accompanying Sony TV Sideview app which features the voice-search functionality when not using the shortcut-lined remote.

VSSL Flask ($73): The part flashlight and the part flask, this VSSL Flask are the official backcountry companion. The portability-focused design and an aluminum exterior make the VSSL Flask as sleek as it is functional in itself. The dual-mode LED light is also being able to illuminate the wide-area; however, the selling point is the flask, not the flashlight. Unlike the other traditional flasks, the VSSL Flask is glass-lined to protect the taste and the quality of your preferred beverage, and that’s not talking about maybe a sip or two of the sweet nectar being carried in it. The flask holds up to the 10 ounces of the liquid in it and also features within it a second compartment that includes the two collapsible stainless steel shot glasses, a bottle opener, and a compass to help the individuals reorient themselves after a few pulls in the wilderness

IBlazr 2 LED Wireless Flash ($60): The thirst for the likes is real. With a finite number of the filters and the camera angles, anything available to increase the one’s Instant-glam is much be appreciated. The iBlazr 2, a mini flash accessory, adds the clarity and the warmth to your prized camera roll. The device is compatible with the most of the smartphones, tablets, and the digital cameras. It’s also being Bluetooth-enabled and designed to work with the native camera apps on an iOS and an Android. The added touch sensor on the back even allows you to adjust the light color from the 3,200K to the 5,600K with an ease, and the constant light feature lets you record your video even in the low-light scenarios. With the ability to sync up the multiple pictures in an optimal lighting, with the iBlazr 2, you can pretty much guarantee your selfies will reach a whole new level.

The coffee maker ($89): The Cafflano Klassic is being an all-in-one of the coffee maker for an outdoor coffee connoisseur. The unit comes well equipped with a hand-mill grinder, the stainless steel filter in it, a drip kettle, and a thermal mug. The clockwise and an anticlockwise grinding motion allow you to choose between the coarser or the finer grounds. The ability to prepare your favorite cup of coffee renders the Cafflano convenient as well as an eco-friendly too.

Roku 3 ($89.00): The video streams now days are much more popular than ever and growing to the great extent among the viewers and the Roku 3 delivers nearly all of the key online streaming services out there with an including of such must-haves as the Netflix, the Hulu Plus, the Amazon Prime, the Vudu, the ESPN, and the HBO. The voice search feature makes the Roku 3 the best video streamer in its price class. The Roku 3 has an updated remote with the voice search option being available, which works very well; as well as the unique headphone jack too for the private listening.

Logitech MX Master ($71.99): It’s a one smooth featured-packed wireless mouse. The MX Master is a rechargeable wireless mouse for the Macs and the Windows PCs that offers the smooth and a precise operation with a lot of customization options having better ergonomics and works on an almost any surface. You can connect up to the three computers using the Logitech’s Unifying Receiver USB dongle or one can also opt for the Bluetooth connectivity to it. The speed-adaptive scroll wheel lets you auto-shift from a click on the hyper-fast scrolling and a thumbwheel lets you scroll from the side-to-side.

Home iBT29BC, the Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio with the USB Charging and the Speakerphone ($59.95): An iBT29 is a Bluetooth-enabled alarm clock with a difference, adding an exciting and the color to your music. You can stream the wireless digital audio via the Bluetooth from your iPhone, an iPad, an Android, the Windows or the other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can even play an iPhone, an iPod or the other devices via an auxin jack feature in it through the USB charging port. An adjustable LED cabinet color and the alarm display on it also make it for the multiple uses. The built-in mic, the voice echo cancellation, and an answer or the end control of the phone also make the speakerphone use for a great pleasure and an ease. The FM radio in it is also being set with the 6 presets.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 for the Computers, Tablets, and the Smartphones ($49.94): The Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 is a unique keyboard for your computer that also works with your tablet and the smartphone. An Easy-Switch dial lets you switch the typing between the 3 connected Bluetooth wireless devices, and you’ll find a familiar keyboard layout with the shortcut keys for the Windows, Mac or the Chrome computers, as well as for an Android and an iOS mobile device too.

JBL Clip+, the Splash-Proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($50): The JBL clip+ is an ultra-light, an ultra-rugged and also an ultra-powerful portable speaker. This Splashproof portable speaker is an upgrade to the JBL clip+ an old one, which provides the 5 hours of a playtime so that you can take your music to wherever you go. You can stream the music wirelessly via the Bluetooth, or plug it into any of the Smartphone or the tablet with it’s an integrated audio cable. You can also use the speakerphone to make clearer, noise and an echo-free phone call. The JBL Clip+ earns its name with its best in quality speaker being available at the lowest price so you can enjoy them at any place.

Sony W800/S 20.1 MP Digital Camera ($89.99): A powerful 20.1 megapixel super HAD CCD image sensor helps you to capture the gorgeous images with the superb contrast and the clarity down to the finest detail. You can shoot an incredibly smooth video and also the still images with the SteadyShot Image Stabilization feature using it in an active mode. This technology delivers sharper image quality with the low noise and the minimal blur even while the user is strolling. Available in the wide and up to the 360° full circle, the camera can take a variety of the panoramic shots. Capturing the wide landscapes through it is as easy as to press and sweep. Charging your battery has never been easier via the USB3 port present in it.

Fuse Chicken BOBINE Charge Cable/Stand for an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5, 5c ($35): BOBINE is a cable, dock, tripod, and the stand rolled together into the world’s most flexible dock. It’s small enough to fit into your travel bag, but also strong enough to hold your iPhone in an unlimited place in your office, nightstand, and the kitchen too. It has the Mi-fi Certified an iPhone Lightning Charge Cable in it with a coiled stand on it to make the phone standstill in just one position for long. The cable quality is also of the virtually an indestructible metal. It’s been used with the standard USB charger or the computer port to charge it. It holds your iPhone steady for the photography and the videography or an event at an eye level for the real face time video.

POWER A MOGA Pro Power – Electronic Games ($49.99): Transform your Android smartphone or the tablet into a mobile gaming system with an amazing game, the MOGA Pro Power. The MOGA Pro Power has a design and the button layout similar to the traditional console controllers, offering you the superior game control feature in it. This full-size controller automatically pairs with your mobile device using the Bluetooth and also charges your phone while you play. You can also use the included stand in it to play the games wirelessly on your tablet.

The Native Union POP Phone ($29.90): The Native Union POP Phone is the solution to your long conversations on the smartphones. The Native Union POP Phone is a high-quality handset that is compatible with an almost all of your portable and the mobile devices including your smartphones, tablets, and the laptops too.

When it comes to the gift-giving, it’s always the thought that counts, but some people put in more thought than the others. Thus to help prevent the loved ones from turning into the re-gift givers, here above being channeled after all the tech testing and research to help you find the right gadgets for the right people in your life so that you can gift your loved ones the best gadgets as gifts all of them which cost less than $100.

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