Five Features of 3D Printing Pen, you should look before buying

3D printing pens are the future of art that is going to change how we draw and create things. This new technology works by heating plastic inside a pen that was previously used for making glue gun and then using it to create three-dimensional objects. It is first developed by Peter Dilworth, Maxwell Bogue and Daniel Cowen in 2012. It can be used to build anything of any color and shape in the air or any surface. All you need is a 3D pen plus your innovative imagination.

The first 3D printing pen is 3Doodler which is also known as the father of 3D printing pens. The 3D printing pen uses ABS plastic that is present in 3D printers as well. 3D printing pens are versatile, reliable, and efficient to use by anyone whether it is a professional artist or a hobbyist. They have various other features like drawing with both right and left hand; double-click continuous flow ejection, and two temperatures setting for both types of plastic. So, here are the best 3D printing pen features you should look for before buying the product and making sure you are getting it in good quality and specifications.

  1. Type of surface

The working of a 3D printing pen depends upon the type of surface it is going to use on. If you buy a 3D printing pen that works only on certain type of surfaces then you need to reconsider it before buying. It all comes down to the requirement of the consumer. If you are looking for a pen that can draw using plastic on every surface then you need to pay attention to the quality of writing and how to ease you can use it on any surface. While buying you should carefully read all the details about which type of surface it works on and the one it doesn’t draw upon. If a model doesn’t match your requirement then find another one from a better manufacturer but it is significant to be selective about its specifications.

  1. Temperature Range

The operating temperature range plays an important role in the working of 3D printer UK. If its performance reduces due to an outer temperature of surroundings then you need to think again before buying it. CreoPop Cordless Pen is a good example of having a vast temperature range. The temperature at which the 3D printing pen is going to operate is a crucial factor to know as if the pen gets too heated after some operating time then you would have to replace it. That’s why it is better to read customer’s reviews to become aware of the quality of the product.

  1. Warranty

The warranty of a product is one of the chief components that decide the worth of a product. It shows the manufacturer’s faith in the thing they created. If you are looking for a specific 3D printing pen then look the same product from different manufacturers and know how much warranty a specific manufacturer is offering. It is an insurance of the product which will be paid if something goes wrong and if you are not satisfied with the product you can simply replace it within the warranty period. However, if you are looking for a peculiar product and not need it for the long run then you don’t have to worry about the warranty.

  1. Emanation Time

The emanation time is the time taken by metal plastic to come out of the pen and add few colors to your design. But sometimes heat can affect it changing the response of the colors coming out of the pen thus it’s better to read customers’ review on the product to become aware of the outflow timing of plastic. There are other problems like the melted plastic getting stuck inside the pen ruining the 3D model, therefore, gaining knowledge about the plastic material you are going to use will help you to decide which manufacturer is offering a better model with the same specifications.

  1. Cooling Time

It is the time taken by the pen to cool down the plastic inside it after the work has been done and then reheating the plastic for further use. The cooling time is an important feature to consider before buying a 3D printing pen. If it is high then it is going to delay your work and if you are looking for a pen that will be an application for long hours then you must find one that takes minimal time for cooling and heating.

3D printing pen is an interesting piece of technology that can be used by anyone to make big and unique things however before spending money on them you should consider requirements and features of it carefully. Not only 3d pen can make interesting things but it can also save a lot of lives.

The above-given features will surely help you to find the best 3D printing pen that you need and making sure that it is the perfect one in quality and applicability.

About the Author: Mithilesh Chaubey

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