7 Key Benefits of Your IT Team

IT team

The events of 2020 have removed all doubt that IT systems are a vital part of running a modern company if your company uses more than a few computers, you absolutely need to hire an IT team.

Without IT support, you run the risk of experiencing downtime due to computer issues. You might also leave your company exposed to cybersecurity threats such as data breaches or ransomware.

This article lists 7 compelling reasons why you need to have a good IT team at your disposal.

1.They Stay on Top of Tech

The world of technology evolves incredibly quickly. It’s almost a full-time job just to stay on top of what’s happening. A good IT team will not only make sure your IT systems are running efficiently, but they’ll also stay on top of the latest trends.

This means that they can recognize technological developments that could benefit your company and bring them to your attention. In modern business, using the right kind of technology can make all the difference. It pays to have someone researching this subject on your behalf.

2.Make Your Company More Resilient

During the COVID-19 crisis, companies that had the ability to adapt came out on top. Video conferencing software such as MS Teams has been a lifesaver for companies during the crisis.

Organizations with good IT support teams were able to set up these kinds of systems much more quickly than other organizations. This gives these companies the edge over the competition as they could remain productive during the crisis.

On the other hand, companies with poor IT infrastructure were often left hanging for weeks without a functional work environment. There will likely be another disruptive crisis in the future. With good IT professionals on staff, your company can become much more resilient.

3.Keep Your Systems Updated

Failing to keep your company workstations updated with the latest software can lead to a lot of problems. For example, there are many security issues associated with using out-of-date software. When security vulnerabilities come to light, developers will publish a patch to address the problem.

If you don’t keep your systems updated, you could be vulnerable to hackers and viruses. On the other hand, updates can sometimes result in incompatibility issues for certain software or processes.

In some cases, it can make sense for an organization to hold off on updating. A good IT support team will have their finger on the pulse in such a way that they will understand the costs and benefits of updating.

IT support can also help to make sure you have the latest hardware drivers installed. For certain applications, driver issues can cause crashes and incompatibility issues.

4.They Can Talk to Companies on Your Behalf

If you work with specialist software or hardware, you might need to contact the manufacturer for technical support. If you’re a non-technical person, this could be time-consuming. To properly talk about certain kinds of technology, you need to know a lot of specialist languages.

If you have an IT support team, they can contact the manufactures on your behalf. This is great for your company as IT professionals have the knowledge and vocabulary to quickly come to a solution.

This could mean less downtime for your company and consequently less lost income.

5.They Can Maintain and Replace Hardware

These days, if you’re doing a white-collar job, you’re almost certainly doing it on a computer. This means that a reasonably sized company could have hundreds of different computers running at once.

Maintaining these computers can become incredibly complicated and time-consuming. For example, there needs to be replacement hardware stored and available if existing hardware breaks.

If someone’s keyboard malfunctions, they should be able to find a replacement quickly, so they can get back to work. An employee who is running around trying to find a working keyboard isn’t going to be very productive.

IT support staff can help keep staff working at peak efficiency by creating and maintaining storage areas with spare hardware. They might also do preventive maintenance. They can evaluate workstations and determine which components are on the way out.

They can then either fix or replace these components before they have a chance to cause any downtime. If you need to have multiple locations managed at once, you might consider working with a field services partner.

6.They Can Backup Data

For many organizations, data loss is a huge threat. For some companies, it’s no exaggeration to say that a large amount of data loss could literally bankrupt the company overnight.

If you want to avoid such devastating data loss, you need to have a robust backup system in place. These days, backing up doesn’t need to be a tedious process. In fact, it’s possible to set up data backups in such a way that it happens automatically.

A popular form of malware is ransomware. Ransomware encrypts files on your computer and demands a cash payment for you to get them back. Some companies have actually given and paid up due to critical data being encrypted. Sadly, even if you pay, you don’t always get your files back.

The only way to immunize yourself against this kind of attack is to back up your data. If you have data backups, you can simply reinstall your operating system and restore it to your last backup. This renders ransomware totally useless.

7.They Can Help With Cybersecurity

There are so many different cyber threats out there that your company needs to be on alert. It’s not a reasonable expectation for everyone who works for your company to be a cybersecurity expert. Instead, it makes sense to have IT professional services create a secure work environment.

For example, they might set up permissions so that workers can only access the data they need to do their jobs. This is helpful because it means the damage from a hack will be limited.

They can also help to create an appropriate security culture in your organization. This can help to make sure any potential cyber threats are identified and dealt with.

You Need an IT Team

As you can see, a good IT team is essential if you want your company to be efficient and secure. Without good IT infrastructure, you may face delays due to hardware or software issues, or you might even leave yourself vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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About the Author: Mithilesh Chaubey

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