9 benefits of NestJs framework

NestJs framework

NetJS framework is essential for building effective Node.js server-side apps. This server-side application is fully supported by TypeScript and uses an HTTP server backbone, e.g., Fastify, Express, etc. The NextJS has a higher grade of abstraction, which is relatively more than the popular Node.js framework and fully shows its developer’s APIs. Thus, there is a higher level of freedom, which makes it possible for one to have a bit of space in using various modules developed by third parties. Above is a fundamental advantage and possibly reasons big companies always prefer to hire nestjs development team.

NestJS is a highly opinionated framework that provides you with a consistent way of solving problems while leveraging the ability to choose the different tools you need with the way you intend to put them into use. NestJS does not limit you to just a single form of doing something; it only provides you with the tools you need. One doesn’t even particularly reinvent any new wheel; it only uses tools that are existing already. NestJS Framework is a typical framework that is created following ExpressJS principles. It is also written in Typescript, and below are the benefits of the NestJS framework.

Nine benefits of NestJS development

1.   NestJS can support Typescript

NestJS has TypeScript support and makes it comfortable to use, especially for people who have been using TypeScript for a long time, maybe when working with Angular or other frameworks. Asides from NestJS supporting TypeScript, it also gives users the option to use JavaScript too.

2.   Easy code sharing

NestJS supports the use of CLI to create different applications and varieties of libraries. The creation of these applications and libraries enables the easy sharing of codes. Because of this, NestJS has become an excellent option for enterprise data and applications.

3.   Monorepo support

With the version 6 version of NestJS, NextJS came with a monorepo support. Monorepo or mono repository is one single repository that allows you to store all your project accents in one place. As a result more developers can work simultaneously on the project. Monorepo is used by other frameworks like Angular.

4.   Learning pattern

Another great benefit that NestJS offers is easing to learn, especially for people with a (. Net) background. You are also at a great advantage if you already have background knowledge of Java and Angular and if you are already good at creating APIs. This ease of learning is because all these frameworks mentioned earlier follow the same modular pattern as NestJS. Since NetJS is primarily inspired by Angular and much more similar to established frameworks like Spring. It then provides a much shorter learning pathway for developers- and a decreased entry and learning threshold.

5.   Fastify Support

The default framework used for NestJs is ExpressJS. Yet, it also supports Fastify, so this enables it to be easily configured. Fastify is an open source JavaScript framework that is widely used for the developers to make it easier to integrate various APIs using JSON commands.

6.   Increases efficiency

NetJS helps to increase the efficiency and testability of applications. This increment results from the dependency injection NetJS provides. Another benefit of this is the modularity it provides.

7.   Modularization

NetJS can organize codes that are in different domain boundaries into modules of separate entities. This separation is made possible because the NetJS framework helps in providing a modular structure for code organization.

8.   Flexibility

One great asset NetJS can build complex applications and send them in as lightweight applications, as lightweight as possible depending on how you want it to be. It is an outspoken advantage for large teams of developers.

9.   Fast-growing community

NetJS framework is fast rising, and already, it is leading HapiJS by 14k stars. NetJS does its things almost like Angular should be a factor that will keep it growing.


As we have stated and proven above, NestJS is easy, mainly if you have used .Net, Java and ExpressJS. These frameworks have almost the same concepts. NestJS has a CLI inclusive, and with the help of this CLI, applications can be much more scaffolded. This point mentioned above is of great benefit because once there is a scaffolding of applications, it will be easy to focus on codes.

With the help of NestJS modules, splitting codes become much more accessible in cases of enterprise applications. In conclusion, NestJS is a fast and rising framework with a couple of benefits, as listed above, making it an excellent framework.

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