The Best Cyber Monday Gaming Laptop? Power, Portability, and Price

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Cyber Monday is almost upon us. The digital follow-up to Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become a holiday in its own right, these past few years. This is largely thanks to many of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers releasing unbeatable deals the Monday following Black Friday. 

Cyber Monday gets bigger and more impressive with each passing year. Forecasters have been predicting that spending could reach $10 billion in 2020. Those predictions were made before the onset of Coronavirus/COVID-19, however. E-commerce will likely be a much bigger deal this year, due to social distancing. Online consumers could end up spending much, much more with digital retailers this year. 

Cyber Monday is always a popular time to score killer deals on large ticket price items. Laptops top that list, of course, with many consumers wanting to replace their existing electronics. Gaming laptops are particularly popular during these times as they tend to be some of the higher-priced electronics on the market due to their demanding specification needs. 

We’ve compiled some of the top Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals we’ve found so far to give you an idea of what to look out for and where to find it! 

The Best Cyber Monday Gaming Laptop Deals 2020

Before we begin, let us start off by saying that a lot of retailers haven’t started revealing their Cyber Monday deals yet. Retailers tend to play their cards close to the chest during the holiday shopping season, to build anticipation and get shoppers to come back regularly and often. 

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For our list of the best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals, we’ve pulled together some of the more notable deals that have already been released. 

Dell G3 15 Gaming Laptop 

We begin our list with a truly outstanding deal on a great gaming laptop. Dell is best known in the gaming world for its Alienware line of laptops. That’s not all there is to get excited about, though. Dell itself makes some striking laptops for competitive gaming. They’re often a fraction of the price of an Alienware system, too. 

First of all, Dell G3 15 is slightly smaller than your average gaming laptop. It’s more compact, with a 15.6″ screen as opposed to the standard 17″ found on most gaming systems. It’s still big enough to see your favorite games in crisp, clear detail, though. Those details are guaranteed to be crystal clear and stunningly vivid, as well, thanks to a top-of-the-line graphics card. 

Performance is top-notch, as well, with the Dell G3 15. The best games to play on the laptop will be lightning-fast and ultra-responsive thanks to state-of-the-art NVIDIA and Intel processors. No more losing out due to lag. High performance doesn’t need to mean bulky in this instance, either, as newer NVIDIA and Intel processors are much lighter and slimmer than former incarnations. Now you can have portability and power. 

The Dell G3 15 is the slimmed-down version of the G5 15. It features a lot of the same components but in a much more compact package. That makes it even more appealing to some gamers, especially if you’re going to be playing outside of the house a lot! 

Dell Alienware m15 15.6″ R3 Gaming Laptop

Speaking of Alienware, the company is well-known for their gaming computers for a reason. Cyber Monday deals on an Alienware laptop are a reason for celebration, as they’re not cheap. This Cyber Monday deal on the Dell Alienware m15 15.6″ R3 Gaming Laptop is almost 30% off its SMP. 

The Dell Alienware m15 more than lives up to its hype. If anything, people don’t get excited enough about the unique combination of style and performance. The Alienware m15 will turn its fair share of heads in any shared space, thanks to clever aesthetic details like hexagonal-shaped heatsinks and a bi-chromatic color scheme that would satisfy the most discerning mod. The Alienware wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Tron Legacy, either, as it quite literally glows in the dark. An Alienware m15 boasts a glowing LED back and a neon-lit opalescent backlit keyboard. 

Of course, how a laptop look has very little to do with a good gaming laptop. It’s about what’s under the hood that counts. The Dell Alienware m15 does not disappoint in that regard. It features a 2.6gHz processor, so you won’t have to ask yourself “can my laptop run this game?” very often. Your favorite games will be lightning-fast so you can leave your competition in the dust. This is further accentuated with 16GB of RAM. 

Finally, the Dell Alienware R3 Gaming laptop comes with a 1TB internal hard drive. Modern games aren’t exactly small or light, so this is a welcome feature indeed. You’ll be able to load up several of your favorite games without having to worry about plugging in the external hard drive! 

Lenovo Legion Y540 15″

Lenovo is well-known for creating powerful laptops at accessible prices. That means that any gaming laptop they make is going to be a cause for celebration. The Lenovo Legion Y540 does not disappoint in this regard, with a number of striking features that stand up against more well-known names like Alienware. 

The Lenovo Legion Y540 is intended to be an introductory model of their gaming laptops, making it more accessible to a wider array of consumers. It’s like the little sibling of the Y740, as it features similar hardware but in a more pared-down version. Most notably is the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPU as a replacement for the GeForce RTX 2060. It also boasts a pared-down solid-state hard drive, with a respectable 512GB SSD.

These specs are widely customizable, as well. Lenovo offers two different CPUs and three different CPUs that you can choose from.

Performance is bound to be powerful and responsive with a standard 16GB of RAM. The Core i7-9750H processor is truly jaw-dropping, as well. It’s a hexa-core chip, much like the Intel Coffee Lake Refresh architecture. It’s faster than previous models of the Legion, as well, clocking in at 400 MHz faster than previous models. This can all be ramped up, also, as each core can be boosted by up to 4MHz thanks to Intel Turbo Boost technology.

The Lenovo Y540 can keep this performance up for the long haul, as well. It routinely performs at the same high standards for hours on end, so your system won’t lag even during the longest gaming marathon. 

The Lenovo Y540 being offered at 20% off the list price makes this Cyber Monday almost as exciting as Christmas morning for passionate gamers. 

Lenovo Legion Y740

We’re rounding out our list with a truly top-shelf gaming laptop. The Lenovo Legion Y740 blends top-of-the-line performance with elegant design, all available at an affordable price. 

The Legion Y740 truly shines when the lid’s off. It features the latest Intel i7 processor for its CPU and an NVIDIA Turing graphics processor. Those graphics will look exceptional, as well, thanks to a 1080p display monitor which is truly one of the finest on the market. A respectable 144Hz refresh rate also means graphics are smooth and consistent, so your favorite games will never get glitchy or lag. 

You’ll get style as well as a substance with the Lenovo Legion Y740, as well, as it’s one of the slickest and most tasteful laptops you can find. Its polished matte aluminum finish gives it a more minimal, modern appearance. It’s not too minimal, though, as you don’t want to just look like another accountant. The Lenovo Legion Y740 features RGB lighting on not only the keyboard but also the air vents and part of the logo. 

The Y740 also features enough ports for whatever connectivity needs you can throw at it. These are designed tastefully, as well, on the back of the laptop, so you won’t have cables sticking out everywhere when you’re trying to play. The Y740 features HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, and USB-C ports, which means that you can run up to 3 external monitors at the same time. 

Taken together, the Lenovo Legion Y740 is a stunning, top-of-the-line laptop that is still affordable enough to be accessible for gamers on a budget. 

This year’s Cyber Monday is truly going to be one for the books. If you’ve been eyeing up gaming laptops in search of a steal, that opportunity is coming up soon. Keep your eye on your favorite retailers and manufacturers and you’ll be able to get an unstoppable deal! 

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