Comcast Gateways new venture XFINITY Wi-Fi is worthy but an old trick

Comcast is one of the biggest internet service providers with a huge customer base. With great cabled internet service Comcast has covered and commanded over a huge volume of clients, domestic and commercial. Its high-speed internet facilities are great for the offices and homes.

The recent venture of the internet magnet in 2013 converted the home internet service into a Wi-Fi hotspot broadcasting zone. It launched its own equipment ‘Xfinity’ that swept away the market and the customers endorsed the device to enjoy the hotspot services at home and in the workplace.

Comcast Wireless Gateway

 Comcast wireless gateway is the device that provides a Wi-Fi router with a voice modem and DOCSIS 3.0 cable installed in a single device. The functions of a wireless gateway are:

  • The primary function is to create a secure wireless network at home or office and connect all the devices, cabled or wireless, like computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. The wired connection is capable to connect 4 products.
  • Two phones can also be connected to the gateway is there is a subscription made for two different voice lines in voice service of XFINITY.
  • If the devices support Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) then the user is capable to set up a secured wireless connection instantly just by pressing a button.
  • The advanced device is capable to provide firewall protection, parental controls, port blocking and forwarding and various other diagnostic tools to check the issues in the connection and the device.

New development in XFINITY

The latest venture started a year ago when Comcast modified some of the customers’ routers to provide a public-oriented wireless service that does not reach the speed of the owner of the connection in the name XFINITY Wi-Fi. This step was taken for the benefit of those customers who are visiting a place where the owner has the similar connection. The owners started to see the new connection along with their private connection as ‘xfinitywifi’. This connection is dedicated to the use of the visitors without sharing the password for the private network. In this way, the private connection will be safe and secure.

About the venture

 The new venture of setting another network for the visitors who share the same connection from the service provider is not as intelligent as it looks. The homeowners do not have to share the Wi-Fi password with the guests unwillingly. Securing the private network and channeling another one for the guests is also allowed by various other routers. It was taken as a security measure so that the private network’s password does not get public too much.

The benefit as far as public internet network is concerned is that the Comcast users can share this public network while traveling to an area with a shared hotspot provided by the internet giant. Using this public connection can save a huge amount of 3G or 4G bandwidth. When speed is the concern this Wi-Fi is far better than the mobile networks due to superfast service.

Comcast dedication towards business

The internet service giant also took a benevolent step to show its gratitude towards the commercial customers by setting public Wi-Fi networks in various common and popular locations. This privilege can be entertained by the customers with a primitive device that accepts the Wi-Fi connection.

The Comcast customers can now share this public network in their favorite locations as XFINITY Wi-Fi hotspots are set in more than a million spots as claimed by the company. Comcast has planned to give this project a push and achieve the number 8 million hotspots by the end of the year. This huge step can be a turning point for the service provider as the competition is very high in this segment and people tend to change the connections immediately when they are not satisfied. The giant has 21 million customers in its base to boast.


Apart from the security issues the venture of securing the home network by producing a different network for the guests is not that new but welcomed by the users. As per the critics, the provision is not that terrible and the users can live with it. The internet service is quite good and the users might not feel the decrease in bandwidth strength unless the number of leechers is more.

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