Digital Publishing Guide: How Publishers Can Boost Revenue

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Increasing publishing revenue is probably the name of the game for you. Your income may come from several sources and it may be in a constant state of flux.

By making adjustments to these sources of revenue, you could see an increase in your income. So what can you do to improve your digital publishing revenue?

We look at some of the ways you can go about boosting revenue.

Address Adblocking and Unlock Your Inventory

According to Harvard, 11% of global internet users have an adblocker in place. Ignoring this problem won’t make it go away. If 11% of your traffic is not monetized because of these adblockers, then you’re missing out.

If you can gain trust with readers, you may be able to persuade them to turn their adblocker off or include your website in their whitelist, particularly if you can make it easy for them to do this.

By using the right visitor relationship management tool, you’ll be able to assist your readers in unblocking ads for your site.

Another option you have open to you is ad reinsertion. This does need to be used with care though to ensure users have a good experience.

By unblocking adblockers, you’ll also be delivering a lot of first-look click-throughs. This is because ad buyers will pay more for ad impressions from users that are yet to see the ad.

Sell Ad-Free Subscriptions

Depending on the content you deliver, it may be possible to sell your readers an experience that comes with fewer or even no ads. It’s essential that you make it as simple as possible for users to sign up for subscriptions.

You’re guaranteed to earn more from a paying subscriber for even just a dollar a month for a subscription that you would make through ads. Run an A/B test with your Adblock users to test this theory.

Speed Up Ad Load Times

Nobody wants to wait around for a site to load and if your ads are causing the site problems, then it could cost you.

By speeding up widgets, you’ll see a boost in the revenue your digital ads pull in. Read more here about one company that can do this for you.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way of bringing in income on the side. Using an approach that is based on revenue sharing will link products or brands with customers.

Ensure your content is of good quality and authentic. Customers are experienced at identifying when something feels like an ad and it could be a huge turnoff. Instead, give them honest content and let them know upfront about the fact that you’ll earn money from affiliate links.

How to Increase Digital Publishing Revenue

If you’re looking to increase your digital publishing revenue, you can do this by addressing the issue of adblocking software, speeding up ad load times, selling subscriptions, and by using affiliate marketing.

For more tips like this, check out the marketing section of the site.

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