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GoPBN Review

There are several new blogs coming up day in and day out. Getting a good ranking for your website is one of the most challenging jobs for you as a blogger. More than that, a good SEO practice needs you to have some effective backlinks. Private Blogging Networks are what help you out in that regard. GoPBN is what helps you take care of your PBN services. We will review GoPBN PBN Hosting in a finer detail in this post.

Ranking in Google is becoming tough day by day. There can be two reasons behind it Google Algorithm is becoming smarter as they are being updated frequently & The Competition is increasing day by day. So what you should do now?

Keep reading the article. I am going to talk about an awesome tool which will help you to come out of all problems mentioned above.

What is PBN and why do you need it?

PBN or Private Blog Network is a network of your websites. These websites are based on expired domains and all the sites in your network point to your main site.

GoPBN features
GoPBN features

The backlinks provided by all the sites in your Private Blog Network appear to be natural. Google does not come to understand that these are your sites, and thus all the links will be considered to be natural ones. Put in the simple language, PBN refers to a technique wherein you point unnatural links to your site, and the search engine is fooled into believing that the links are organic.

The need for these tricks and techniques has arisen from the recent Penguin update to Google. Bloggers have been looking forward to new means of ge9ng links to their websites. PBN is the best technique for building links. Before starting out, please note that building Private Blog Network is against the Google policies.

What is GoPBN PBN Hosting?

GoPBN PBN Hosting is the best hosting service provider for your Private Blog Networks. You have seen what exactly is a PBN in the above paragraphs. If you want to stay safe from the ire of Google, you should not only create a perfect PBN but also need an efficient hosting for the same. That is where GoPBN comes in handy.

Udit Goenka founded the Hosting service. The service is primarily for those who want to build smarter Private Blog networks, without having to pay the penalty. Creating a PBN is quite time-consuming, and that is exactly why many of us back out.

GoPBN is a prime and Ultimate Private Blog Network Hosting service provider, by any standard. You can use it to deploy, scale and manage your PBNs without much hassle with GoPBN. It provides you a centralized control over the growing and managing your PBN sites.

You can be sure that GoPBN Hosting is the best choice if you want to create your set of Private Blog Networks. It works with the best in class hosting providers. The best part with GoPBN is that it supports all the CMS like Joomla, WordPress, and other popular services.

With GoPBN, you will be able to build PBNs with:

  • Different Web Hosting Providers (only the best)
  • Different Cities, States, Countries, and Continents around the World.
  • Different A-B-C Class IP Addresses
  • A Natural Diversification of Hosting Elements
  • Multiple and Diversified DNS Providers
  • Multiple CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Ghost

All with a Single Click of a Button!

Need to deploy 50 PBNs with WordPress? Done.

Need to Deploy 100 PBNs with Joomla? Done.

Need to Deploy 1000 PBN, All over the World, With Multiple Cloud Hosting Providers? With GoPBN, Its only 1 Click Away! If you are still getting confused about it. read what makes it a good choice?

What makes it a good choice?

GoPBN excels with its wide range of special features that you may not get on other hosting service providers. It lets you assign different IP addresses to different domains. You can even assign different locations.

You can be sure of easy install option. If you face any issues, support is at your doorstep throughout the day on multiple channels. Easy to use interface and best uptime are a couple of the features that would make it the best choice for your PBN needs.

The service is 100 percent secure and has been specially created for your Public Blog networks. Offering comparatively best pricing structure, GoPBN lets you assign as many as twelve locations worldwide to configure your Public Blog Networks.

You will get your CMS username and password instantly. Deploying the PBN is a lot easier than hosting your domain with any web hosting service provider.

Salient Features of GoPBN

GoPBN Hosting offers you multiple features that put the competitors to shame. Let us go through some of the features that make it the best option for all your needs in hosting your Private Blog Networks.

Easy to use interface

GoPBN features a simple, yet powerful interface to work through several intricate tasks of hosting. You can easily navigate through different requirements like managing registrars, DNS and Hosting. You can create your PBNs faster. You can deploy 10 blogs less than 10 seconds. Look, How fast you can deploy your domains. You can host up to 100 domains.

The global presence of servers

That should be the biggest advantage offered by GoPBN. You can deploy your Private Blog Network from virtually any location across the globe. You can also assign different IP addresses. The best part is that you can get it done automatically. You also can get instant access to their support team all the day and all the time.

High Level of Expertise

With GoPBN, you can expect a world class and expert level service at your doorstep. The company works with several specialists in the field. There are people from multiple facets of the hosting and blogging arena. That includes Hardware, software, and SEO, to name a just few.

The Pricing

GoPBN offers you multiple pricing structures. There is a plan that should satisfy every requirement. You can choose a plan that would best suit your needs. The pricing depends upon the number of PBNs you have.

gopbn pricing
open pricing

The standard pricing would be $ 5 per blog per month. If you choose a yearly subscription option, you will be charged at $ 4.17 per blog per month. That should translate into $ 50 per blog per year.

The prices can go as low as $ 2.17 per blog per month depending on the quantity as they have volume-based discounting available on their website.

If your requirement is more than one blog, you may get in touch with them to get a quote for the best price.

In Conclusion

GoPBN is indeed the best investment if you want to get better ranking to your site. It effectively takes care of every need of deploying a Private Blog Network, and thus never leaves a footprint to allow Google detect it. GoPBN is your best source for protection against the dwindling traffic and link juices. Given the way Google has been changing its algorithms quite unpredictably, GoPBN can indeed be your best friend. Have any one of our readers used GoPBN for their PBN needs? We will be glad to know about their experiences with the service. We would welcome their views and opinions for the benefit of our visitors.

GoPBN Hosting Review
  • Customer Support
  • Reliable
  • Up-Time


GoPBN is indeed the best investment if you want to get better ranking to your site. It effectively takes care of every need of deploying a Private Blog Network, and thus never leaves a footprint to allow Google detect it.

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