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Great news for the Office 2007 users

For the users of Office 2007, the last service pack for this version is already being released. The last version has the file size of 315 MB. The new version of office can be found in the Microsoft Download Center.

Release of the new service pack was promised

The release of office 2007 sp3 is not a surprise. The company has promised its Office 2007 users to launch the new version of the software within six months’ time. This is the reason why the company had to work on its own decided deadline to release its last version of the software.

Features that made the difference

There are various updates and changes being made to the software which makes it better than the older versions of MS office.

  • Better security: The office 2007 sp3 offers better security features. Now you can have your office with completely protected security features making your work environment safe and worry less.
  • Attractive interface: This version of the new MS Office offers a better interface that not only looks beautiful but works smart. The New interface would ensure that your workflow is smooth and fast.

A successful launch

The office 2007 sp3 is a successful version of the software is launched. The last service pack as taking serious steps to fix the bugs that were involved in the older versions. The new Version will ensure you a hassle-free operation.

Stability ensured

There are certain older versions of MS Office, which has instability in its operation. However, the newer version is a stable form of the software ready to take all your task loads.

Complete satisfaction of the users

The new software would ensure that the users are completely satisfied with the usage. The new office 2007 sp3 would send frequent updates making the software completely bug free and fast. You will never see the software crashing down.

Short turnaround time for the bug fixings

If a specific bug is found in any of the software packages, then the company would take the limited amount of time to fix it. Microsoft is committed to serving their users with better software.

User-friendly version

The new version of the software is highly users friendly. The variety of ribbons in the different software in the software package is self-explanatory. This will help you to understand the software very quickly if you are new to it.

Good for your business setup

For the purpose of business usage, this software would ensure the installation at the minimum cost. Once it is being installed, you will have to simply sit worry less.

Hurdles are less

Be it any version of the software, there are some of the hurdles that a user has to face. The new MS office 2007 service pack 3 will let you face minimum hurdles and will make your workflow untroubled.

The added features that make a difference

There are various additions to the last version of MS Office SP3.

  • Documents requiring the custom security trimming will not return from the alert search queries.
  • The Error messages for Non-Unicode characters are correctly displayed.
  • New styles and fonts are available like the Harvard Anglia Sixth Edition and much more.
  • The outlook Calendar includes the Chinese New Year holiday for its Singapore version.
  • Previously save excel opened in the new version used to crash. This is one of the major bugs that has been fixed by the Office Sp3.
  • The issues related to French Thesaurus with the Pre and the Post-reform rules are being fixed.
  • There are certain bugs related to the encryption settings. These bugs are being fixed in the new service pack.
  • Now when you preview an Excel Workbook with the Windows Explorer preview pane feature you will never see your software crashing. This new feature is being added while fixing the problems of crashing that used to occur in the older versions.
  • When an XLSX file is saved in ODS file the Ribbon customizations and the Excel Slicers are completely lost. The last service pack of office 2007 fixes the issue.

Easy uninstallation

The last service pack for MS Office 2007 offers a very easy software removal option. The service pack uninstaller tool is available to remove the version of the service pack. You may also use the removal support updates being provided by the client.


This article discusses the various advantages that the last update of Microsoft Office SP3 provides. The article also discusses the various additions and changes being the last service pack for MS Office 2007.

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