How to boost android installs for your application?

boost android installs

Google Play algorithms change regularly, the plan of the advertising campaign changes, but the importance of the boost android installs remains unchanged. They encourage potential customers to download your app, as well as help increase ranking.

Before  the boost android installs, you should create keywords and run optimization. Ask yourself a few questions about the features of your application and the problems which it solves. By answering these questions, you get the gist. The basis is a bunch of the most meaningful words that describe your application. Try creating a large cloud of keywords to choose from. Once you’ve created your keywords, you should check them for relevancy. This can be a lengthy process because you have to do it manually. You need to enter a keyword in the search field and analyze the search results. If you see in the results applications similar to yours, then the keyword is accurate, if not, it is better to remove it.

Pre-run optimization of mobile applications, or in other words improve important parts of the application – keywords, title, description, icon and screenshots. We’ve already figured out how to check and the importance of keywords. The next item is a description. It plays an important role for Android applications, so it should be unique and reflect all the positive aspects of the application. The icon is the first thing that catches the eye of a potential user. Make it attractive. To do this, you can ask for help from a designer. Screenshots should contain text with keywords to increase your ranking.

Following all these rules, you can begin to boost android installs. This is as follows – special users enter a keyword in the search box, find your program, download it and perform some actions in the application. The algorithm takes into account such user behavior as install and lists your rating. Before running your primary campaign, run a test to determine the required number of installs for each keyword.

Your marketing strategy should be executed separately, consist of relevant keywords and boost android installs wisely.

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