How to Create a PDF: A Simple Guide


PDF files stand out as one of the most common file types in circulation online. Numerous companies and organizations use them to make millions of documents a year. There are about 2.5 trillion PDF documents all over the world, proving this particular fact.

What makes them popular is how they make documents compact and portable. It doesn’t eat up a lot of resources while retaining the layout of various elements in it. This also makes it a great option when sending documents and files online, due to its smaller file size.

Knowing how to create a PDF file is going to be a breeze once you’ve read this article. The following methods should give you an idea of how to create them and use them for various purposes.

Using Microsoft Word

One step is in using a word processor. One of the most popular options available is Microsoft Word or most word processors for the matter. For instance, you can export a document as a PDF file when using either LibreOffice or with Pages (for Mac users).

When saving the document, you use the app’s “Export As” option or something similar.


Another way is to print the document as a PDF file, where you instead choose the Print to PDF option on the Printer selection.

Whichever you use, it will convert the document you created into a PDF file. This ensures that the document becomes a read-only file. How to make a PDF is quite easy now isn’t it.

Using a C# Program

Another method that you can try is by using a C# Program. With a PDF Creator C# App, you can use the code and apply it to your program. By integrating this, you can create PDFs and have them as an option for your apps or programs.

Using a Dedicated PDF Maker

Knowing how to create a PDF file is easier with a dedicated PDF maker. One such example is the Adobe Acrobat DC app, meant for use with PDF files. In this case, it has a variety of utilities and tools that can help you create forms and other documents.

While the Reader app comes for free, the other advanced functions come at a premium.

Using an Online Document Converter

If you happen to be in a rush and need a file converter, you can try resorting to an online document converter. Among these converters are online DOCX to PDF file converters.

In using these, you upload the PDF and have the converter do its work. It comes back to you as a PDF file that you can download. The good thing about this is that they are both free and safe to use.

Know-How to Create a PDF File with These Methods

Armed with the knowledge on how to create a PDF file, you can use them to make documents easier to work with digitally. With the PDFs portability and longevity, it can help with making documents accessible and easy to organize. This method can also help with going paperless.

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