How to Repair a Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator

Everything gets broken sometimes. Even such a magic thing as a typical linear actuator product. Sometimes you install it in the wrong way, or do the calculations wrong, or try to save on and not to splurge on the actuator and get the cheapest one with the less lifetime. Or maybe you made too sharp movements (wasn’t gentle enough) or didn’t apply the excess of force or weight. No wonder this fantastic device gets broken and the whole project can be considered ruined. As the linear actuator is usually one of the integral details that serve to reach quite various purposes and the absence of its productivity may cause a lot of troubles to an average human, today we will give you several ways out of this trap. Read carefully and choose the most suitable option for you.

Have it fixed

First of all, stop making fuss about it and give a linear actuator to the professionals. Sometimes it’s just necessary to admit that either you have bought the low-quality product on purpose or you expected too much from the dinosaur. Or you tended to spend seconds instead of days on thorough research of the products you buy. In any case just calm down and find the best service online. There is no need sweating on something that can be done perfectly and pretty inexpensively. The good example can be Kuroda. They offer the repair services for more than 20 different brands of linear actuators. That is just perfect and will satisfy any customer’s desire. By the way, it is likely they will help you even if your actuator was manufactured by the company that is not right on the list.

Linear Actuator

Firs of all the do the diagnosis. Frankly speaking, they try to find out what is going on with your device and what is the reason of a break down. That is, by the way, always free in reliable companies. Then usually they offer you the perfect solution. For instance, the full-rebuild or the replacement of some details. The replacement usually increases, prolongs the lifetime of the device. The guarantee can be often granted in some popular spots. It rarely happens when the problem is with the wires so they barely touch the actuator, but give it to you fixed, just like the new one. Sometimes they can even change the design according to your preferences. For instance, you want a sliding tube a bit shorter or slightly rounder to install perfectly within your project. Well, that won’t be a problem at all if you are not really short at time.


Yepp, in the 21st century the human, actually, can do literally anything. All one need is the manual or your dear friend Google. Yes, and a couple of tools special for actuators. Before stripping-down your device, make sure you know its ins and outs, so you won’t make it even worse having got surprised from some new details. Searching for the right answer, find out what works and what is not. First of all, check the motor as it is usually the first thing that gets out of order. Then take a look at everything else and define your problem. Other people who have already faced it would be more than glad to help completely for free.

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