IO Zoom VPS Hosting – Should You Use It?

io zoom vps hosting

Online business is what you would expect you to provide an instant gratification for your customers. Moreover, faster speeds that your internet based business can provide should go a long way in making your business to click. The best way you can achieve this feat is through opting for a VPS Hosting. In fact, VPS lets you offer quicker updates and IO Zoom VPS Hosting is what assures you achieve this task. Let us go through the features and benefits that I/O Zoom offers you.

VPS Hosting – A Key To Success

Well, in this age where your prospective users are looking for information at lightning speeds, your choice of VPS Hosting service plays a major role. Actually, the perfect VPS Hosting would help you get your customers get the relevant information in seconds.

The VPS Hosting is less expensive, unlike a dedicated server. In addition, high-end customization is what would make it an exceptional option. You can opt for the features you really need, leaving aside the features that you are not interested in. Scalability is yet another feature which will allow you start off with a minimum set of resources and then go on adding more capacity as per your needs.

IO Zoom VPS Hosting – An Introduction

IO Zoom VPS Hosting is a hosting service headquartered in Houston. The company works only on the VPS sphere of web hosting. You may not find any other kind of hosting services with them.

io zoom vps hosting

There are a few features that would make it an exceptional choice. In fact, if you are looking for cheap VPS hosting with high availability, IO Zoom should be your best choice. It can cater to all tiers of customer requirements right from affordable to high-end premium options.

IO Zoom VPS Hosting – What Does It Offer?

Well, IO Zoom has been a preferred choice for millions of online business users. They offer specialized plans that can cover a wide range of the spectrum of different categories of users.

An affordable and customizable VPS Hosting service combined with an excellent and reliable customer support are a few features that would make IO Zoom a formidable choice. In fact, it offers plans based on different genres and requirements. You can go with a plan depending upon disk space, cores, bandwidth, and RAM to name just a few. Specialization is the key and that is precisely why it has been considered to be an excellent option for all your hosting requirements.

The SolusVM control panel helps you manage the VPS server with ease. In fact, this can be helpful in the remote management of your server and the requirements thereof. One of the additional features is an optional server management option that can be availed separately. This will ensure a 24 x 7 monitoring of your server at an additional cost. A useful addition nevertheless.

The Features of IO Zoom VPS Hosting

Listing out all the great features that IO Zoom VPS Hosting packs in may not be an easy task given the scope of this article. However, we have summarised some of the features as here below –

A Great Infrastructure

The DDR4 memory Intel processor coupled with the availability of solid-state drives. This ensures enhanced performance. The server capacity may be a little limited, but there are plans to enhance it. They also have arrangements with operators like China Telecom to arrive at the massive network.

Backup Services

IO Zoom does not come with Backup plans included with the plans you choose. You can opt for separate backup plans as your requirements. You can choose the plans on the basis of the duration of the backup plan and the frequency required.

Help and Customer Support

This is what should form the basis of any service you opt for. You get the network and software related support from IO Zoom. The server monitoring and management are generally self-managed unless you specifically opt for the separate monitoring services as indicated above. In addition, for any kind of additional support, you will need to buy a separate professional support plan.

Having said that, IO Zoom does offer a host of knowledge base articles and a community forum to address most of your concerns.

The Pros And Cons

Well, as with any other service or software, IO Zoom comes with its own set of both positive and negative points. In fact, our purpose of enlisting the Cons here is an attempt at making the developers aware of what users have been expecting from the software.

io zoom vps hosting


  • A 100% uptime guarantee. The service offers you a guarantee that hardware, network, and infrastructure would continue to be online.
  • Free DDoS protection. The DDoS protection is available for up to 10 Gbps. The service offers protection for almost 95% of the most common attacks.
  • The plans are completely customizable. In fact, there are plans for every need.
  • Email and Live chat options available as part of customer care support.


  • The service does not allow one to one contact in case of support requirements. In fact, live phone support would have been a better option to get things through.
  • Does not accept payments through savings accounts.

The Subscription Plans

IO Zoom VPS Hosting has different services across Cloud VPS and Windows VPS. We have been discussing the Windows VPS and here are the details about the plans available.

You can opt for the plan that meets most of your needs. However, do note that all the plans are affordable and cheaper. None of the plans come with any degraded quality.

The above table should give you a clear information on different plans available and the features available with each of them. Apart from the basic plans as outlined above, there are a few add-ons that you can opt for at an additional cost.

The list below should give you a clear understanding of the add-ons that you can opt for.

The Bottom Line

Well, that is all we have with respect to what you can expect from IO Zoom VPS Hosting services. The wider options and choices you have with IO Zoom should make it one of the excellent choices you can go with. In fact, what would make IO Zoom one of the perfect choices for all genres of business owners is the fact that they offer plans that can be customized to suit your needs.

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Not every business is created equal and IO Zoom understands it. Actually, that should clearly explain the host of affordable and specialized plans and features that each of these plans offer you. The company has won several awards and that in itself should be a clear indication to prove the efficiency of the service that IO Zoom is known for.

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