Best Live Football Apps for Android & iOS | Latest Updated 2019

Best Live Football Apps for Android & iOS

Best Live Football Apps: Sports lovers are enthusiastic, and always curious to know more, and consume more sports content. They love watching their favorite team performing live in the field.

Thanks to this ever-evolving technology age, we’re able to watch a match happening ( anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world ). We can watch our stars, see the scores changing in real time and much more. watch live sports app. Also, Don’t Forget to check AppValley Vip APK

Best Live Football Apps

Football live tv app

Not only can we do it, but we can also do it right on our smartphone. But the market is overloading with tons and tons of apps that claim that they’re unlimited football streaming app. Some of these are overfilled with ads, some don’t allow you to watch for the full length, while some simply are pure spam.

I downloaded over 45 apps from play store, and third-party websites, tested and reviewed the best of them to make a list of top 10 live football apps that you can use in 2019

Watch live football streaming free android


An excellent app for watching free content. It’s used by tons and tons of users for streaming videos. With their extremely easy function to search for videos all over the internet, this app is compatible with Android, Windows and Mac operating systems.

You can expect a ton of features such as bookmarking and much more. You can bookmark the videos you continue watching them after a specific time. Mobro has tons of database and a huge amount of videos.

365 Scores

365 Scores has a lot of content related to Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Tennis. It also uploads a lot of news highlights related to the news from the sports world. You can get details with highlights, live notifications, tournament, and video updates.

All of this is available at a single platform with ease. You can easily watch all the goals within 5 minutes as they happen on the ground. Users can easily customize their notifications and bring their fav sports in one place. The app is widely known for its live tables where you get update related to the football news and worldwide coverage.

Best Sports Streaming app for android


If you don’t like cable companies and want to get rid of all the troubles that they cause, but don’t want to miss live sports, then here is the app made just for you, The app has a freemium business model with tons and tons of content and channels. The platform as of now offers 100 live tv channels and is growing fast to add more to their list. Do Check Cartoon HD APK

From News to Entertainment to Sports, they’ve covered it all.

No matter what sort of content you love, the app will always have something for you.


Now, ESPN needs no introduction to sports broadcasting. Ranking among the top service providers, they have an average of 100 million viewers in the US per month. The user count keeps increasing every day.

Live Sports tv app for android

They also have tons of subchannels like ESPN classic, ESPN2 and more. All of their channels are active all the time and talk about sports in detail.

Live Sports tv app for android

La Liga TV

With La Liga TV, you can watch live streams of all women’s football matches. As clear from the name, the app has an instant update like scores, La Liga updates, and news. The app works perfectly on Android and iOS and gives you easy access to premium content.

Users receive an instant update about performance and match and info about various teams and players. Like Youtube, the app has a watch later feature where you can save the video to watch later.


Another popular app for sports lovers which provides rich quality content with the support of all popular games. You can use tons of available add-ons to make it more of your taste.
You can even play high-quality videos along with audio content. Users also get access to live gaming and notifications that keep them updated every second.

The best app to watch live sports free

The best app to watch live sports free


With SuperSport, users enjoy the video streaming of live matches which includes games like Football, rugby, cricket, and tennis. Even if you are not familiar with the app, you’ll understand its interface very easily and be able to watch games instantly.

The app also provides you with group chats, live commentary to make it even more entertaining. If you’re on a busy schedule, you can catch highlights once the match is over.

You can follow the teams that you like to get updates when they have a match. Notifications provide reminders for upcoming matches along with details and time.

CBS Sports

A more advanced and serious sports streaming app which is available free of charge on both Android and iOS. Once you download the app and sign up, you can choose all your favorite sports club. Once you’ve told what clubs you like, the app will provide you with notifications about team lineups, scores and much more.

You can follow 8 games at a time and that too on a single screen. Screen appearance can be adjusted with custom navigation links and sports are ranked based on how much you love them.


A totally free app that’ll provide you with every detail about your favorite team. It can also send you information updates if you can’t watch the live broadcast.

Users can also follow text-based commentaries for live watches with all essential updates side by side. You can get access to 5000 competitions and 30 different types of sports. The app also reminds you of game timings with notifications.


No matter what game you are trying to get your eyes on, from whatever country, this app will get you there. The app is popular on Android as Well as iOS devices. You get direct access, to games like ice hockey, cricket, tennis, and basketball among the long list.

I love it for the interface and how it can work even if the network is slow. The data consumption is low and still manages to capture details. You need android updated for this app and iOS 8 or new.

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