My Cable Internet Review: One of the Top Retailers of Charter Communications

cable internet

Introduction to Charter Communications:

My Cable Internet is an authorized retailer of Charter Spectrum in the USA and it is committed to deliver Charter’s telecommunication services across the USA. Charter Communications is an American telecommunications company. It provides cable services which include high-quality cable TV programming, high-speed internet connection, and a digital voice phone communication for its users. In 2016, it merged with Bright House Network and Time Warner Cable to provide better and reliable digital facilities. Charter is providing its services for more than 20 years. Charter Communications is formed in 1993 by its three former executives of Cencom Cable Associates in Missouri.  Later in 1994, it began to acquire cable television systems. Charter reaches its 1st one million subscribers in 1997 and almost near 2000 it goes public for the general use. Now, Charter is the 2nd best cable service provider in the USA. It is delivering its service in 41 states of the USA to almost 26 million users. Charter has more than 90,000 employees worldwide who work with hardcore dedication to improve the productivity of Charter.

cable internet

Charter Communication Services:

Charter offers three types of services for its users. These services are cable TV, high-speed internet and voice phone connection. Below are the details of these services.

Cable TV Service:

Most of the Americans are addicted to their cable TV and want the best service they can get at a reasonable price. Charter offers services of crystal-clear programming of cable TV with free HD service so the users can experience sharp details of their scenes which they had never seen before. It holds the key to entertainment for everyone, no matter if you are a kid who wants to watch cartoons or an adult who loves to watch a Hollywood movie, it brings everything with it. It offers free DVR service for up to 76 hours which allows the users to record their favorite movies and shows to watch it later. Thousands of On-Demand choices give access to a massive database from which user can choose to view anything at any time.

High-speed Internet Service:

Today, everyone knows that the usage of the internet is becoming more and more critical day by day. People need to access multiple numbers of information, and the best source from which they can get is none other than the internet. Charter internet offers super-speed internet connection for its users along with free Wi-Fi all over the town so they can stay connected when they are away from home. It provides a free security suite which protects the system from numerous threats and harmful viruses. It is 20 times faster than any standard DSL connection, so you can assure that you won’t be able to get any lag issues during gaming or any problems buffering while watching online videos.

Voice Phone Service:

Although smartphones cover almost every kind of need for the communication purpose, still landlines are much better than smartphones in some scenarios. Charter voice phone service gives access to unlimited local and long-distance calls all around the world. It offers clear sound quality so the users can communicate with their loved ones without any interruption. You can always get more detailed information about Charter services from

Charter Communications Packages:

Charter offers three different packages for its users so they can avail any one of them according to their needs.

Triple Play Select:

  • More than 125 HD local and premium channels
  • Unlimited local and worldwide calling
  • Free DVR service for 12 months

Triple Play Silver:

  • Over 175 channels available with free DVR and HD service
  • 100 Mbps fastest and reliable Internet
  • Infinite nationwide calling with favorite phone features

Triple Play Gold:

  • 200 plus HDpopular and premium channels
  • The full collection of premium networks
  • 100 Mbps blazing-fast internet
  • Unlimited calling throughout the nation

Overall Performance and Evaluation:

Charter becomes very popular in a short period. It is giving fierce competition to its competitors like AT & T and Comcast. Within only 20 years, it became the 2nd best cable service, provider. The primary source of its development and progress is its remarkable customer care service. They provide unique digital services for their users. Charter is an award-winning company for its customer service which is very beneficial for the company. Charter cable service is the best you can get in a reasonable budget, and the best part is that you can get all three services in a single package.

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