How to Restore Banned Instagram Account in Easy Steps

restore banned instagram account

Instagram has been one of the most prominent media sharing tools and has been quite popular with the business houses and the regular netizens across regions. However, like many other services that work in the media sharing genre, you may have found that the account is deleted because of a few violations of the terms of service. How would you recover your disabled Instagram account? We will guide you through the step by step process. Follow the steps here to restore banned Instagram account through the easy tutorial.

Why is your Instagram Account Banned?

There can be a wide range of reasons for getting your Instagram account banned. The major among them would be a violation of the TOS or Terms of Service in one form or the other.

restore banned instagram account
Here are a few reasons you may have been banned on Instagram –

  • You may be posting objectionable material. The adult or offensive content is a strict no no on Instagram.
  • If you are sure that you have not posted any objectionable content, one of the possible reasons could be the excessive spamming. There are several actions that amount to spamming. Liking and commenting on a host of shares and following/unfollowing members of the community almost on a frenzied pace can be a few of the aspects that constitute the definition of spamming. You should also not go after reviving your account frenziedly if it has been dormant for a longer time. Go gradually and then take up the lead.
  • Disabling your account may also be the outcome of repeated reporting by other users against your account. If you have been posting copyright-protected content, the users are likely to report your posts to Instagram.
  • Yet another possible reason for the banned Instagram account can be that you have been buying followers, likes, comments and indulging in similar spurious activities.

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How to Restore Banned Instagram Account?

Here are a few steps you can opt for if you are looking to restore banned Instagram account.

  • Fill in all your details.
  • After completing the steps, click on Send
  • You should ideally receive a response indicating that your report has been submitted.

That does it. You have successfully registered your request or feedback. However, Instagram will review your request and take appropriate action. Please note that the exact action that Instagram takes will be dependent upon the nature of the issue that the account has been disabled.

In many cases, you will be provided with a code. You are requested to attach a photo with the hand written code in your hand. The sheet should contain the hand written code on a clean sheet of paper. It should also accompany your name and username clearly written underneath.

Winding Up

Well, that is exactly you will be able to restore or recover your banned Instagram account with ease. In any case, you will indeed be at the mercy of Instagram if you really want to get your account unbanned. Once Instagram restores your account, you should make sure that you are not indulging in any of the activities that may render your account getting suspended once again.

Please note that if your account has been deactivated or disabled multiple times, you may not be able to restore it once again. However, there are a few other ways you may use. You may also state that your account was hacked even when it has not been.

Check out the options available for you and opt for the best restore technique to meet your needs. Share your thoughts and experiences with us. Your inputs can be helpful for our readers to address the similar issues they may be facing if they are checking options to restore banned Instagram account.

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