How the rising VR tech will impact the online gaming industry

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been the thing in recent times. With the launch of a huge range of virtual reality devices, there are hordes of manufacturers vying for a top spot in the still-nascent technology. The most significant impact that this new technology will have will be in the gaming industry. Our aim in this article is to analyze the impact that may be created in the gaming and associated areas.

Total immersive feeling

The immersive action will make you feel as if you are there at the site of action. The action and the associated high adrenaline experience is bound to attract the non-gamers along with the gaming enthusiasts.

Practicality from business point of view

Agreed, there is plenty of high-end adrenaline raising experience involved in the virtual reality world. But will that be a practical business model?

The questions will need more time to be answered. In spite of the performance that has been promised, the price barrier could be something that may go beyond the expectations of those who would want to opt for it. Add to it the requirement for the additional technical requirements that may make them more complicated.

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Moreover, gamers worldwide are observed to be people with preconceived notions and ideas about what they want. A new technology may take a little more time to be successful in the market. Let us wait and see how does it develop. It could be too early to make a final declaration in this context.

What will it change in the gaming scenario?

Well, the virtual reality manufacturers – especially, Oculus Rift – have been trying to persuade the game developers so that the strengths and weaknesses of the Virtual technology can be implemented effectively.

Virtual Reality

If that happens, these games will bring the possible changes that we assume to happen. Some of the changes likely are –

Improved Menu

The Virtual Reality gaming will need faster interfaces. Slower loading screens and complicated menus will make the virtual reality impractical. VR will take off the unneeded menu structures and the additional camera interfaces. The Virtual reality headset itself will take care of the camera requirements. The third party cameras will be moved out of context obviously.

Bigger scenarios

Well, the experience will be bigger and massive. The scale of the games will be much larger – may be larger than life. The games – especially, first-person games will let you enjoy them on a larger platform.

The future games will more lifelike. The new games will now be built taking into account the Virtual Reality. They will be now adaptive to the VR requirements. That would mean they will now need to take real-world measurements.

More reality into the games

The games like Hawken, where you are expected to play as a pilot can be a real game changer. But having to implement a perfect integration of both the virtual world and a physical controller can be a daunting task. Maybe it will take enough time to materialize.

We have not yet been able to see the full versions of those games so far. There have been tidbits and pilot projects. We are sure that the time is not yet ripe enough to experience the full-fledged gaming as yet.

The possibilities

The Virtual reality gaming comes with a huge list of improvements. Some of the features that will change the world of gaming would be –

VR will let you access the games in the real world. You will completely be within the game. You will have access to Panoramic 360 degree views along with split screen options for both your eyes.

Real life experience in the virtual world will be the norm in the future. You can be India, US or even in the galaxies same day! That would make gaming more innovative than it is right now.

Better multiplayer capabilities will be better and innovative. Moreover, the competition will make it more improved regarding fun and excitement.

A new revenue stream and a new genre are what we would be expecting. Virtual Reality games will be the genre of gaming. A new window will thus open for the more revenue generation. Specialised content for the new genre would be much in demand. We will be in for more developers moving to the VR variety.

The future

The arrival of Virtual Reality is not going to change the gaming scenario overnight. There are many concerns that need still to be addressed. Maybe we need to remember what happened to the 3D televisions. If the concerns are not addressed, the fad may not last long.

To begin with, we need games that can work wonders with VR technology. We do not think anyone will move to the VR gaming just because the hardware looks cool. Game developers will need some incentive to work on the projects that would work on the Virtual Reality headsets. We hope to see more games rather than the demos and such options currently available.

Virtual Reality in Casino Gaming Industry

When you are dealing with Casino Games, VR can be a great sigh of relief for those who are complaining about the deficit of naturality while playing these games on websites or mobile. So, now VR can change the way of playing these games by projecting other players in 3D and also the cards, money etc. Everything will be real and in 3D. So, VR will be helpful to grow the internet casino industry.

PS 4 Virtual Reality Tech

There are health concerns as well. It has been claimed that the Virtual reality gaming will affect our body and the brain in a negative way. There have been reports of the neurological and physical effects on the long-term usage of VR headsets. It has also been indicated that it can cause nausea or dizziness in some cases after prolonged use. We would expect something positive comes up in that direction.

In conclusion

Well, our discussion so far has not been able to yield much of the information as yet. The technology is quite nascent and it will take the time to build its roots. Moreover, the VR gaming will not change everything in one go. Our regular games will stay for a few more years to come.

What are your opinions on the prospects of the virtual reality technology in the gaming context? Have any of our readers used or played any of the Virtual reality games in the real sense of the word? We would love to hear the experiences so that a few more concerns can be suitably addressed. Do share your views with us.

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