Sustainable Technology for a Sustainable Future

sustainable technology

Now is the time to act against climate change. The past seven years have been the warmest on record. Temperatures will continue to rise unless we act.

The good news is that more is being done than ever to fight climate change. One area is sustainable technology. Today, many companies and cities are investing in this type of technology.

Sustainable technology aims to improve current processes. This is the main difference between disruptive and sustainable technology. Disruptive technology aims to reinvent completely.

Here are five sustainable technology examples to be excited about!

Accessible Solar Power

Solar power prices have dropped over 82% since 2010. But solar power efficiency also continues to increase. Sustaining the technology has shown excellent results. Plus, it’s improving electricity access.

It is also a technology you can invest in, and it can save you money long-term.

Check out It is a great example of a company that offers residential solar power installation.

Public Electric Transport

Cities are realizing the importance of investing in sustainable technology and infrastructure. The most common electric transport are buses, trams, and metros. But, there are also electric ferries and other exciting innovations being developed.

This technology also requires less maintenance and is more reliable. So, long-term, it also saves energy.

Green Architecture

Green architecture aims to improve building efficiency and reduce energy consumption. It includes utilizing natural light and enhancing insulation for less energy usage. Supermarkets are also using herb gardens to minimize waste and provide fresh produce.

Green architecture also aims to use sustainable technology. Sustainable technology examples include incorporating more energy-efficient LED lighting.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Ways to capture carbon that will otherwise go into the air continue to improve. Before, carbon capture was limited to the underground. There were also storage concerns.

ZIFs and amines are two types of molecules that make carbon capture safer. This will make it a more affordable technology, which can reduce carbon emissions.

Another new technology developed is called AirCarbon. This sustainable technology captures greenhouse emissions to make sustainable plastic.

Energy-Efficient AI

Technology firms have realized that AI can have a significant carbon impact. However, firms such as Google are developing sustainable AI. Firms are also using cloud platforms as part of their goal to become carbon neutral.

AI can also be used in different industries. It can reduce error and improve efficiency by making processes more sustainable.

Exciting Sustainable Technology

All companies need more sustainable practices. The good news is that sustainable technology continues to develop in exciting ways. From AI to electric transport, sustaining technology is becoming more accessible.

There are differences between disruptive and sustaining technology. And, there are advantages and disadvantages to both as well.

For most systems, it helps to adopt sustainable approaches. For others, a combination of disruptive and sustainable technology works.

All sustaining technology gives hope for a more sustainable future. If we continue to work towards this, technology will help protect and save our planet.

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