What Tools You Can Use to Mine Bitcoin


Considered the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin price crossed $60,000 for the first time since its inception, rushing many people to purchase Bitcoin.

There two main ways of obtaining Bitcoin nowadays – you can either trade/buy it or mine it.

Mining Bitcoin offers lower risks in comparison with crypto trading, as well as complete control over investments. However, mining Bitcoin requires a strategic approach, especially when it comes to structuring the required hardware and choosing the best mining software available.

In this article, you will discover what tools in terms of software you can use to mine Bitcoin.


Mining Bitcoin is Not an Easy Game

Through mining, people make money on Bitcoin by solving a complex code that requires specific computer equipment. When Bitcoin first came out in 2009, mining it was not hard at all, especially since the price of BTC and block difficulty were at the lowest.

However, as Bitcoin started growing in valuation and popularity, the mining process becomes harder and harder over time.

Mining Bitcoin is an activity that also involves risk, especially due to the huge amount of money invested in buying mining equipment, electricity, and the time spent on the proceeding.

Hence, individuals interested in mining Bitcoin on their own need to have the minimum required skills for selecting the necessary hardware and configuring the software tools.


Developed in 2011, CGMiner operates through a simple command-line interface, which can be a bit haunting for individuals more used to a polished UI.

The software is more suitable for advanced users, enabling flexibility of use for those savvy enough to use it. CGMiner is open-source, runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and is also compatible with ASIC, GPU, and FPGA.

Plus, CGMiner is highly customizable, but the Windows version can be a bit painful to install.

One of the most common issues with this mining software is that you may experience problems with an antivirus, both during installation and during the download.

It happens because many hackers set out a way to try installing mining software on third-party computers without authorization, which made this type of program a priority for many antivirus programs.

In case you have problems in this sense, make sure to create an exception within your antivirus to allow the software’s downloading and installation.


Launched in 2012, BFGMiner is based on the CGMiner design but was structured specifically for use with ASIC mining hardware instead of GPU mining.

The software permits users to mine multiple digital assets simultaneously, running on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

BFG is a bit of specialized mining software and allows users to delve a little more into the options and features to customize it as they please.

Notice that this is also a more advanced tool, so only users who know what they are doing will manage to get the best out of the platform.

Among its main features, BFGMiner monitors the temperature of the connected devices, also accessing various mining pools in real-time to preclude connections to inaccessible pools, which makes it extremely efficient.

The interface is less flashy, but well put out and effective. The software also has options that allow users to quickly enable and disable features within a few clicks.


MultiMiner offers a powerful graphic overlay for BFGMiner, making the advanced options that come with this software much more accessible to new miners. Although MultiMiner was designed for Windows, the software can also be installed on Mac and Linux.

While CGMiner and BFGMiner both require some coding-savvy, inexperienced users can get started with MultiMiner with no technical skills.

MultiMiner has a wizard that will guide users through the process of connecting to a mining pool.

Then, it will automatically check the mining devices and provide useful details about each in a chart, including the estimated daily profit based on what cryptocurrency is being mined, the average hashing power, and the linked pool.

The software stands out for its ease of use, being optimized for Windows computers, with a graphical user interface and automated mining features. Although most people would enjoy the MultiMiner UI, advanced users may feel the lack of customization options.

Plus, one of the main advantages of MultiMiner is that it is still available online for free – both to download and use.

Best Bitcoin Mining Tools Available Nowadays – Final Thoughts

Bitcoin mining around the world has become almost an industrial activity. It is not possible to mine at home with an average computer without powerful hardware, not to mention the huge investment in terms of electricity and time.

Moreover, since there is no more room for inefficiency, only the best miners are managing to obtain positive results in this utterly competitive scenario.

To win in the mining field, miners need to ensure that they know how to use tools such as CGMiner, BFGMiner, and MultiMiner strategically to generate optimal results.

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