Top 10 Android Apps for College Student

In today’s scenario, it’s no surprise that college students are busy and many are even doing part-time jobs with their studies. The truth of this modern time period is that you don’t find a student now who do not have smartphones or different gadgets today. They also prefer to use various types of mobile applications not only for fun and entertainment but for studying as well. Basically, with these types of Android applications, any college student can give an extra boost to the organization in their life which will further help them to make their life more efficient and entertaining.

There are lots of android applications easily available today for helping college students in almost each and every sphere of life. On the other hand, these applications are very informative and useful for students if they keep up with the changing times and will also boost your studying process. There are some applications which totally become a support system for a student by helping in almost all fields of education.

Basically, some of the best things in life are free and some of that includes these study apps. Below mentioned are some of the best and top 10 smartphone apps for college students:

One of the best applications for college students is Anydo, which helps in organizing their tasks. This type of application is best for students who need to make a to-do list for their work. It helps to synchronize all your work and that too with other devices so that you can access your list from anywhere.

Dictionary com

Another superb app that helps in building the vocabulary of the students is dictionary com. Further, it also helps students in preparing their exams. It has various features like search history option, synonyms, word origin, antonyms, and more.


You can easily replace your old planner by downloading this innovative app. With this app, you will be able to track your daily class activities, schedule, and homework. It will also help students to keep their phone silent during class if they set their class timing on that.


Duolingo is the top language learning app in the world. You can use it to catch up with your foreign language course. Choose your language, sign up for a course, and complete bite-sized exercises daily and you’ll be ahead of your class in no time.

Wolfram Alpha

This is a very good and powerful application for students studying in college as it is capable of answering all types of question which you even might not get at Google. This app provides you a wide range of academic knowledge which includes statistics, maths, science, English, physics, and many other topics like that.


Scribd is the world’s largest online library. It helps students to find various types of documents and books which are important for their studies. Further, all its data is shared from all over the world and you can easily collect and organize them according to your requirement.


This is also one of the best apps for students which comes up with millions of flashcard study sets for various topics. Further, you can also create your own subject if you are not able to find your one in its list. It also lets you use various images and audio in your quizzes, which further can add variety to your learning process.


So, if you are looking for an app to bookmark your articles to read later, this is the right one for you. It also collects various links, news articles, and videos, further saving the content for you to read or access later.


This app will guide you through all the stepwise explanations of your maths problem sums while you search for geometry, algebra or any other math solutions. So, just enter your task in this superb application and check if your answer is the same as the one you offered.


Another best app for college students is Wikipedia. It basically helps you to gather knowledge or information on almost every subject. Further, this app has details on each topic in very depth and that too, covering each and every part of it.


Usually, college students very easily get distracted from studying and they can’t even live without their social networks. So, to avoid such distractions, this beautiful app has been created as it blocks certain websites that can distract you from studying.

So, the above explained are some of the best apps for all college students. You can go ahead and choose the one which suits you best.

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