Vidyo Screen Recorder – Vidyo iOS iPA Download for iOS, iPhone, iPad {Updated}

Vidyo Screen Recorder

Vidyo Screen Recorder is a tremendous screen recorder app for iPhone and all iOS-based devices. Vidyo iOS App is a premium screen recording service for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad users. Vidyomobile App allows users to record their screen even at the time when the device is not in using this app.

With this one of the best screen recording apps, you can record your home screen or if you want to record any task on your iOS devices as well as other apps on your iOS devices, and you can save anything that is running on your iPhone screen.

Vidyo Screen Recorder

Vidyo Screen Recorder for ios work like champ as it is famous for between in iOS devices, You can set to record the device audio or the microphones and you can select an option, you can record videos from the device screen or camera, Vidyo app also comes with a feature that let users import your audio files and mix them with the recording to produce screencasts direct on iOS operating system based devices.

Vidyo Screen Recorder | Vidyo screen recorder ios 12

Vidyo Screen Recorder

Vidyo Screen Recorder

Well “Vidyo Screen Recorder” is one of the must-have apps for those who are into video streaming business or those who want the best screen recording app for iPhone and iPad. You may find it useful that, Vidyo APK iOS was available on App Store until January 2015 and users have to pay $4.99 although, now Video Support is there for all “Vidyo” users.

Surprisingly, Apple’s analyst’s team found Vidyo Download an app that they cannot keep continuing on apple app store for some obvious reasons like security reasons because this app has tremendous screen recording capabilities, so due to this reason, they immediately removed this app and now you cannot download vidyo screen recorder app and cannot download from Apple store for using Video desktop.

After this action taken by Apple that they had removed the app from app store, few other third-party app stores like ACMarket APK, AppValley VIP, or HipStore APK store comes in front and start providing Vidyo Screen Recorder for iOS devices for free of cost, YES now iPhone users can download it for free.

Why Download Vidyo iOS App

As we have already shared that the main purpose of this useful iOS app for recording your iOS device screen. You can record your iOS screen in different resolution whichever suits you. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using Vidyo App for iPhone.

  • The vidyo app will help you to record your iOS device’s screen in multiple resolutions.
  • You can also use Microphone for adding voice to your recording.
  • You can also use the back camera and front camera both for recording the videos using this app.
  • Vidyo app will allow users to select the Max FPS (Capture Framers/Second) on your iOS device.

So in the above section, you can see that the best benefits of using the Vidyo app on your iPhone or any other iOS devices. Now we are going to share how you can easily download and install Vidyo screen recorder app on your iPhones and iPad.

Vidyo Screen Recorder Features

Vidyo Screen Recorder

Below we are going to share all the essential features of vidyo screen recorder app for iPhone or iPad. Once you go through all the features, you will love it and understand clearly how this app works. So let’s learn more about the features of vidyo app for iPhone.

  • It records screen at 60fps with the video resolution of 1080p.
  • You can record any audio or music output that comes out from any iDevice speakers.
  • You can add background audio from any music, or you can add your voice to the recordings.
  • You can add background audio to your existing video to make it more attractive.
  • You can trim your captured video before you upload it to your social media sites.

How to Download and Install Vidyo Screen Recorder on iPhone?

To install Vidyo app, you need to have Cydia Impactor and in order to use Cydia Impactor app, you need a PC to run MacOS, Windows, or Linux. It’s an application that helps users to install IPA files on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini via your Apple ID.

Step #1. Download the Vidyo IPA File [Here].

Step #2. Download Cydia Impactor [Here]. After downloading the compressed file, extract it and launch the main program.

Step #3. Connect your device to your computer. Note that you must have iTunes installed on the tool to work.

Step #4. Once connected, Cydia Impactor will show you your iOS device name on the app interface. Now open the folder containing Vidyo IPA file, drag and drop the file onto the app interface. You can put your IPA file on the desktop as well.

Step #5. Once you drop the file, Cydia Impactor demands an Apple ID and Password. You can use any active Apple Account for this.

Step #6. The program will start syncing the IPA file. When you see the warning pop-up, click OK to confirm. It will continue the process and Vidyo will install successfully, you will see its app icon on the home screen.

Step #7. Before using it, Now go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. From Here, Find the profile corresponding to Vidyo and trust it.

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Final Verdicts of Vidyo Screen Recorder

We hope you find this post useful and helpful on Vidyo Screen Recorder app for iPhone, iPad & iPad Mini and all iOS 11/10/9/8/7 based devices. If you love this app then please give us a share on social media handles so all your iPhone user friends can take advantage of this app.

If you have any doubt then please drop them in the comment section below, we will answer as soon as possible.

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