Web Design vs. Content: Which Should Be Prioritized?


When building a website, there are a lot of aspects of the process to consider and you may need to adjust your priorities and focus according to which you believe is the most important.

One conundrum you could face is having to choose between plowing your efforts into web design or putting the creation of quality content at the top of the agenda. So which of these two areas is more deserving of your attention?

The benefits of good web design

Web design is a fairly all-encompassing aspect of creating a site, so you might assume that it should automatically be prioritized. It is certainly true that without great design, a site will be unlikely to engage with visitors and could actively frustrate them.

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Modern web design is now more focused on user experience (UX) than ever before, encompassing fresh approaches to the way sites are presented and how a user’s journey from arriving on the landing page to converting into a customer is handled. Clay is a UX design agency that takes this seriously and is one of many firms that are pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible.

If you opt to deal with the design first, you will be able to establish the framework around which the rest of your site can be built. This will ensure there is consistency across each page, both in terms of presentation and functionality. Such a structure can then inform your content strategy.

The importance of excellent content

A site that looks great and works seamlessly is superficially superior, but unless you give visitors a reason to stick around once they arrive, your bounce rates will be stratospherically high.

This is where content becomes important; you want to populate your site with content that is relevant to your target audience so that when they click through from a search engine or social media link, they will actually be compelled to keep using your site, rather than heading elsewhere.

Your site can be the slickest, most stylish creation on the planet, but if you have neglected to include content that lives up to ever-increasing visitor expectations, all of your efforts will have been for naught.

Some argue that content quality is the most important ranking factor of them all, so if you even want to get people to find your site in the first place, it should probably be a priority.

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In reality, most people who are launching a website will not think about the design or the content in isolation. It is far more effective to develop these two areas hand in hand so that the design compliments the content and vice versa.

Design and content are linked in various ways; for example, you might need to know how much space will be available for a copy on product pages, in order to determine suitable word counts to set for writers.

It is certainly a tricky balancing act, but finding harmony between web design and content is your best bet for success.

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