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How to download the Moliplayer Pro for Free in Windows Phone?

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I have come across several different video players for Windows phones, but unfortunately, all of them are limited to certain video formats, which makes them useless at one point of time.
Recently, I learn about MoliPlayer which is quite amazing, and I must say better than other available video players for Window phones.

An introduction

MoliPlayer is one of the best video application for the users of Windows phone because it is the only player that supports more than one hundred and twenty video formats.
Yes, you heard right, the 120 video formats are supported by the MobiPlayer. It means you can play with it any video as it sports various video codecs whether it is avi. Or mkv. Or any other format.
Although, you will find several different media players on the store of Windows phone but MobiPlayer works like a charm in every regard.
However, there is one issue with theMobiplayer is it is not available for free. If want to use it then $4 is the amount which one has to pay.
So, if you are ready to pay the 4 USD for this application, then there is not a big deal for you. On the other hand, if you do not want to pay then you should read this article.
Below you will find a complete set of steps showing how to download the full version MobiPlayer on your Windows phone for free.

Simply, follow the step by step instructions:

For the users of Windows 8.1

Find below the step by step instructions on how to download the MobiPlayer on your Windows 8.1 device.

1. On your window phone Go to Settings> Region and change your region to China.

2. Now, click on the “Restart phone” tab

3. Once you restart your phone visit the Windows Phone Store and find MoliPlayer

4. Click on the app of Moliplayer and complete the installation.

5. After complete installation, click on the MoliPlayer

6. Now, a new screen will pop up on your phone containing some Chinese text. Do not worry about it. Just click on the bottom link.

7. This is it. Now, you have successfully downloaded the Moliplayer on your Windows Phone for free of cost.

For users of Windows 10

Below you will find the step by step instructions for Moliplayer installation on the Windows 10 phone users.

1. On your Windows phone visit Settins>Time & Language, now click on the “Region” option and change your region to China.

2. Then restart your phone.

3. Once your phone reboots, go to the Windows Store and search for MoliPlayer.

4. Install the MoliPlayer successfully on your phone.

5. After a complete installation open the MoliPlayer app on your phone which will pop up a new window containing some Chinese text. Do not worry about it and just click on the link mentioned in the bottom of the pop-up page.

Final Step – After a complete installation of the player. Go to the settings and switch the region from China to your area and click restart.
It is quite an important step that you cannot skip as Microsoft send regular updates to your device as per the location. Hence, you must change your region after the installation of the MoliPlayer app on your phone.
If you have any questions and concerns regarding the MoliPlayer installation on your Windows phone, then you are welcome to reach us. Only leave your comment in the box below and we will get back to you within 24 hours of less.
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